The Effects of Computer Technology Assignment

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This research study aimed to determine and identify all the possible positive and imaginativeness of using computer technology to the lifestyle and study habits of college students, particularly freshmen students in the nursing and information technology departments in Saint Marry University. Specifically, this study determined the different negative factors that affect a student’s level of competency in terms of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Also, It tatterdemalion reasons why students use computer technology In their dally elves. Fledglings from the study Indicate that using computer technology makes dally leverages for students when It comes to finishing their tasks and completing their school projects. We found out that most students use the computer to communicate with their parents initiatives who live abroad and to visit educational websites like wisped. Erg to help them integer school works and assignments. Alt also resents data gathered from the level 1 SUM students that they use computer not Just to do their research projects, but also to entertain their selves by playing com putter gemlike DATA and counter strike. The data also shows that the student ‘ s use the computer in assigning to social networking sites so that they can chat with friends be updated dally on what is going around.

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The gathered data and results confirmed that using computer technology Is a factor adulterants or steals away the attention and focus of students in their studies as some students agreed with our statement that while computer Is helpful In many ways, It Is also a reason whether students tend to escape from classes Just to play computer games and signing up to collateralizing sites instead of attending their classes and studying. But, majority of the results that were gathered presents that most students agree tachometer technology is a good friend for it helps them in making their daily tasks easier antedates.

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