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Hours of operation will be announced in class and posted on the course BlackBoard Learn page. Lecture Grading in this class has been weighted to reflect my perceptions of the most important outcomes for you in this course. Although you are expected to read the text, the total course grade is heavily based on activities. You are encouraged to interact with others as you figure out the most appropriate responses, but the work that is submitted must be your own. Materials on the hour examinations will be based on class lectures, class discussions, and class assignments.

For my lectures will use traditional lecture presentations and written notes using Powering projected on a screen, slides, and computer simulations. My notes will be posted on the course Blackboard Learn page before or shortly after lecture. The details of a forecast exercise will be covered in class, but some general comments may help reassure you that this is something that each of you can do. You will be able to start with predicting only a few parameters. We will begin this part on Wednesday 14 January 2015. You may try your hand at forecasting current weather using the “regular” forecast exercise from day 1 if you wish.

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Because we will only count your 25 best forecasts, there is no penalty for trying. The undergraduate assistant will often give you their best judgment concerning many of the answers so if you listen during class, you should do very well. You will get 3 points for a correct answer, One point for trying, and no points if you don’t participate. There will be 100+ forecast opportunities relating to current weather, one for each day of the semester. Encourage you to submit as many forecasts as possible. 2 Interactive learning tools that are unique to this course and that involve computer-based simulation activities integrate the lectures.

These involve responding to questions within Blackboard Learn (outside of class). In edition, in-class quizzes and exercises integrate the simulations. Some of these exercises will be based on the computer-based simulations and some will use the Weather Cycles. This means you must come to class. The simulations will involve activities such as making clouds, measuring temperature from a balloon, and forecasting daily weather. There will be four one-hour examinations given, but only your best three will be counted. On the other hand, there will be no make-up exams.

All assignments are managed and graded by Blackboard Learn. Specific assignments will be announced in class and on Blackboards Calendar. Because this part of the course will contribute to 55% of your course grade, it is essential that you allocate time to regularly use a computer to complete these assignments. Several days are always allocated for doing assignments; however, because technology is undependable, you are strongly encouraged to begin your assignments at the earliest opportunity. Late assignments are locked out by Blackboard.

It is the responsibility of the student to meet assignment deadlines. There are no make-ups. Am really interested in your feedback and I encourage you in letting me know how I can improve the class. Ill try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible. In order for us to be able to interact with more than 200 students and to provide timely and accurate feedback, communicate with you using several different electronic means. The syllabus, schedule of classes and assignments, and the lecture notes will be available through the course Blackboard Learn page.

Many of the course materials are only available from the Internet. To facilitate the management of web-based course material, we will use Blackboard Learn. Therefore, you must use Blackboard Learn for this class. We will have a help room (3008 Agronomy) staffed by students from approximately 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday to provide assistance on any computer issue related to this course. This room also has several computers that you are welcome to use during any of the open hours.

There are also many public computer facilities at SIS_J. These may be located using http://www. It. Satiates. Deed/labs/ Requirements In order to pass the course you must: C] Complete at least 25 forecasts of current weather; CLC Complete the interactive simulation exercises on Blackboard Learn; D Actively participate in class discussions and Attend the lectures. Unless stated otherwise, all homework must be submitted electronically. Also please note that homework assignments are always due by 12:pm – noon.

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