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This course is designed to teach students how to apply a biblical worldview to selected ethical issues that they are likely to encounter in their Christian/Community Service (USER) as well as the rest of their lives. Prerequisites awe,/ 101 Materials List A printed workbook is required for this class and will need to be purchased from the bookstore (Biblical Worldview II: Applying a Biblical Worldview – Dry. N. Troy Matthews). All reading assignments will be web-based or posted on Blackboard. Responded NEXT Clickers (purchased directly from the Liberty University Bookstore).

Computer with Internet access. Students will be expected to keep up with the schedule via this site (I. E. , Blackboard). Also, some assignments will involve direct use of the Internet outside of class. Every Liberty University student has a computer account and may use the computers in the Jerry Falafel Library to do assignments. The Bible should be brought to class regularly as it will be frequently referenced and serve as the basis for in-class discussions. Ex. cards to be used for various purposes throughout the semester. #2 pencils for tests and other evaluation purposes.

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Learning Outcomes Having completed BOO. /W 102: . The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of key people and developments, both historical and contemporary, of the issues addressed in class. 2. The student will be able to differentiate between a biblical and non- biblical approach to ethical issues. 3. The student will be able to apply a biblical worldview to contemporary issues. 4. The student will be able to identify the policies of the USER program. General Education Core Competency Learning Outcome Worldview Core Competency 1 .

The student will be able to know the difference between biblical and non- biblical worldviews. This will be accomplished by: a. Lectures and class discussions. B. Quizzes. Questions may be taken from class lectures, discussions and/or assigned readings. C. Special assignments. D. Three cumulative tests (exams). Assignments 1 . Worldview application assignment (Instructions will be posted under “Assignments” in Blackboard). 2. Christian/Community Service webbing interaction assignment (Instructions will be posted under “Assignments” in Blackboard).

Grading Policy The final grade will be computed as follows based on a 1 000 point scale: Quizzes 450 points (1 5 quizzes worth 30 points each) Quizzes – May include: Syllabus Content, Reading Assignments, Course Notes, unannounced Attendance Quizzes, In-Class Assignments. Worldview Assignment Part 1 30 points Worldview Assignment Part 2 70 points Tests #1 100 points #2 150 points #3 200 points All Grades will be posted on Blackboard. As per the University policy, points will be deducted from the final points for excessive unexcused absences (see Attendance and Unexcused absence policies below).

Extra-credit opportunities and guidelines will be listed under “Course Documents” in Blackboard. Each student may complete no more than 2 extra credits. Each extra-credit assignment that is correctly completed will result in 30 points (3. 0%) being added to your final grade. Attendance, Missed Quizzes/Tests & Late Work ATTENDANCE: For the good of the Liberty University student body, a consistent attendance policy is needed so that all students in all majors will understand the expectations of faculty in all their courses. In general, regular and punctual attendance in all classes is expected of all students.

At times, students will miss classes. These absences will be identified as either excused or unexcused and will be handled per the policy below. . Excused Absences Excused absences include all Liberty University sponsored events, to include athletic competition or Other provost-approved events. Absences due to medical illness that are accompanied by a doctors note will be excused. Absences due to family situations such as a death in the family or a severe medical condition will be excused. Students will not be penalized for excused absences and will be permitted to make arrangements to complete missed work. . Unexcused Absences Classes that meet Three times per week will permit four unexcused absences per semester. Two mimes per week will permit three unexcused absences per semester. One time per week will permit one unexcused absence per semester. Questions regarding unexcused absences must be resolved by the student with the professor within one week of the absence. Students may appeal these decisions to the respective dean within one week. Extraordinary circumstances regarding excessive absences will be addressed by the student with the faculty member, department chair, and dean as required.

Penalties for each unexcused absence over the permitted number per semester will be as follows: 50 points for classes that meet 3 times per week 5 points for classes that meet 2 times per week 1 50 points for classes that meet once per week Students who are late for class 10 minutes or less are considered tardy but present for the class. If a student misses in-class work due to tardiness, the faculty member may choose not to allow the student to make up this work. Three class tardiest will be counted as one unexcused absence.

Students who are more than 10 minutes late for class are considered absent. In order for an absence to be excused the student must print the “Request for Excused Absence” form found in Blackboard. The form is to be filled out completely. The form is to be given to the professor on the first day the student returns to class (or sooner, if possible). MISSED QUIZZES & TESTS: 1. Missed Quizzes a. No unexcused quizzes will be made up. B. Any quiz missed due to an unexcused absence will be entered as a “O” on the students record. C. Any quiz missed due to an excused absence will need to be made up.

Students will have up to two days (not including weekends, holidays, or school breaks) to make up the quiz from the day the Request for Excused Absence form is signed by the professor (see above). Students must bring the signed form to The Center for Christian/Community Service located in Green Hall 1880 to make up the quiz. 2. Missed Tests a. The student will have up to five days (not including weekends, holidays, or school breaks) from the date the test was issued to make it up. Extenuating circumstances may be considered at the instructor’s discretion. B.

Missed tests will be made up in the Tutoring & Testing Center located in the Brenner Learning Center on the second floor of Green Hall (2700). The student will need a “Request for Excused Absence” form signed by the professor in order o take the test. To take the Test in the Testing Center students will need to go online and make an appointment to take the test. C. For students who missed the test due to an excused absence (see above) there will be no penalty. For students who miss the test due to an unexcused absence, there will be an automatic 11% reduction from the grade of the test.

LATE WORK: 1 . Written assignments are due at the time that they are collected in class. Any assignment not submitted on time will receive a grade reduction for each day that it is late (not including weekends, holidays, or school breaks). After five school days no writing assignment will be accepted. 2. If a student is absent from class the day that an assignment is due, to avoid the late penalty he/she must either have a fellow student turn his/her work in to the instructor, or email the assignment to the instructor BEFORE the class.

If the student emails the work, a hard copy must be brought to the professor as soon as the student is able. Emailed documents only inform the professor that the work was done on time, but there will be a grade Of ‘O’ until the professor receives a hard copy. 3. If a student is absent on the date that an assignment is announced, the student is still responsible to complete the work by the due date. NOTE: Upon returning to class following an absence, students must be prepared for any assignment, quiz, or test that might be due or given.

Any absence, whether excused or not, does not exempt any student from being responsible for the material covered in the class they missed. Other Policies Dress Code Students are expected to come to class dressed in a manner consistent with The Liberty Way. Honor Code We, the students, faculty, and staff of Liberty University, have a responsibility o uphold the moral and ethical standards of this institution and personally confront those who do not. Academic Misconduct Academic misconduct includes: academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and falsification. See The Liberty Way for specific definitions, penalties, and processes for reporting.

Disability Statement Students with a documented disability may contact the Office of Disability Academic Support (ODDS) in Green Hall 2668 to make arrangements for academic accommodations. For all disability testing accommodation requests (I. E. Quieter environment, extended time, oral testing, etc. ) the Testing Center Green Hall 2700) is the officially designated place for all tests administered outside of the regular classroom. Drop /Add Policy A Fall/Spring course may be dropped without a grade, tuition, and fee charges within the first five days of the semester.

From the sixth day until the last day of class, a Fall/Spring course may be withdrawn with a grade of W. Classroom policies The inappropriate use of technology, such as cell phones, pods, laptops, calculators, etc. In the classroom is not tolerated. Other disruptive behavior in the classroom is not tolerated. Students who engage in this misconduct will e subject the penalties and processes as written in the Liberty Way or Liberty University Student Honor Code. * Laptops, Cell phones, other electronic devices are not needed in Bingo and may not be used in class.

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