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The exams WI II cover all available material (readings and lectures) and will be made up of multiple choc ice questions. The final exam is optional. Your three highest grades will be calculated in your exam scores-?your final exam score will replace your lowest exam score (or be door peed if your final exam score does not exceed any of your three previous exams’ scores). You may schedule a makeup exam without any penalty if you have a verifiable egregious excuse (e. G. , written excuse from a doctor). Family vacations, your b ass requiring you to work on the exam day, entertaining visitors from outflow, extracurricular activities, etc. Re not valid excuses. Alternate exams must be scheduled before the exam is administered as scheduled. Syllabus (Toothsome) Exam (5%) There will be a toothsome exam about the material to ensure that you understand and the course’s purpose, requirements, assignments and policies. This exam is not meant to be difficult and is not worth many points, but by understanding the course at a high level before e you are much more likely to succeed, so please take it seriously. Plagiarism (Toothsome) Exam (5%) One goal of this course is to begin preparing every student to be a scholar, boo h in thought and articulation of those thoughts.

A first step toward this goal is understanding h owe to artic late *Please note: this syllabus is subject to change throughout the semester. Plea your thoughts while building on the thoughts of others and properly attribute Eng the ownership of all thoughts expressed. In other words, you must understand plagiarism and how to avoid it. While most Of you should have been taught this by now, this course will reinforce race the lesson. You will be given a toothsome exam that will require you to exhibit your knoll edge of legalism and how to avoid it.

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You will have one week to complete the exam, and it will be due at the beginning of the class on the deadline (see schedule). The following site s may help you with this assignment: HTTPS://www. Ms. Deed/-?imbued/gastroenteritis)”polycrystalline. HTML http://owl. English. Purdue. Deed/owl/resource/589/DO/ http://www. Plagiarism. Org/ PAP Toothsome Exam (5%) Another important aspect of articulating your thoughts is ensuring that you c an find information and communicate your thoughts clearly to others, and particularly those read ins your work. One ay this clarity can be accomplished is through precise writing and support of your work.

You will be given a toothsome exam to help you learn how to apply PAP style a s well as find information from the library/ library database and hone your critical reading skills. You will have approximately 1. 5 weeks to complete the exam, and it will be due at the beginning of the class on the deadline (see schedule for specific date). The exam will consist of two parts-?the first part will have you practice citing s pacific references and/ or construct a reference page from sample resources; the second part will re’s re you to go to the library (or library website) to seek resources to practice search wing for academic articles.

Though it is a toothsome exam, you should work on and complete you r exam individually. However, you are welcome (and encouraged) to use neoprene re’s resources (I . E. , books, tutorials, online aids, librarians, etc. ) to complete your exam. Essay Assignments (20%) In order to provide you with practice of the skills learned in the toothsome ex. ms, there will be two essay assignments that are closely related to the material we cover in class s. These assignments will be announced approximately 1. Weeks before they are due and will be due at the beginning of the class on the deadlines (see schedule for specific date).

Assignments must be submitted via the TACTIC page in DEL, under Assessment TTS Dropped (under the assignment NOTE: Your assignments will be checked for originality using academic honesty software. Do not include your name or any other did notifying information on your submission (this info is logged automatically via DEL). Please do not email assignments unless prior arrangements are made with the e instructor; unapproved assignments received via email will not be accepted. All written a assignments must follow PAP 6 style. I recommend you go here for help on this: http:// writing. Us. Deed/ Class Participation via Towpath (10%) Attendance -? of your mind as well as your person – is expected of you at ever y lecture. To this end, you will be expected to use the Towpath website/ app to respond to discussion questions during each lecture. These questions will only be available (on Towpath) at the time the question is asked in class. In order to receive full participation credit for a lecture, you must respond to all questions asked on that day. Complaints, excuses, or entrapments will not be entertained when considers Eng these participation points.

It is your full responsibility to ensure that you access and respond on Towpath during the allotted time period. You may miss a Max of 2 lectures of participation points without penalty, technological/financial/ romantic issues included. Weekly Posts & Responses (1 0% + extra credit opportunity) In order to facilitate more interactive engagement with the course material, y o are required to post a response to the material presented each week (prompt here) on TOPCA t under “V”eek [X] Response Post”, and then vote AND comment on at least 2 of your class test’ posts.

Initial posts are due at pm on Thursdays, updates and comments are due at 1 1 pm on Fridays. Each week, the students who have the top 10 updated posts (with classlessness ma trial) will receive 5 extra credit points in the class (given as . 5 SONS credits toward the credit Max, see below) Extra Credit SONS System (Up to 5%) Throughout this semester, you have the opportunity to earn extra credit point s toward your grade. This extra credit research participation is worth 5% or 50 points in this course. To earn these mints, you would need to complete 5 hours of research.

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