Syllabus for Spring Assignment

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Ethics Coverage The topic of ‘ethics’ is addressed very briefly in a few chapters, primarily from the standpoint of alternatives among generally accepted accounting principles. WARNING You should expect this course to be challenging. In order for you to do well, you will be required to put forth significant effort. It is important that you read the pertinent text material before the related class discussion. Class time will be devoted primarily to lecture and discussion of the chapter material followed by working pertinent homework assignments. Attendance Attendance at all class sessions is expected.

Research indicates that students who attend most classes have higher performance and earn higher grades than students who do not attend class frequently. As a result of the demands f this course, you are expected to attend each class meeting and to arrive on time. You will be responsible for all material covered and announcements made during class, whether or not you are present. If you are not in attendance on a day when a quiz is given (or show up for class after a quiz is given), you will receive a zero for that quiz grade. Homework Assignments There are homework assignments for each chapter we coverage in this course.

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Experience indicates there is a strong relationship between the number of homework problems successfully completed by a student and his or her final grade in an accounting course. You are expected to complete homework assignments in time for the related class discussion. It is your responsibility to be prepared to respond when called on in class. Examinations & Grades Your letter grade for the course will be determined by your performance on three exams given during the semester and your performance on quizzes given during the semester (if any).

Each exam will be made up of multiple choice questions and accounting problems and will be worth 1 00 points. Additionally, there will be a total Of up to eight ‘quizzes’ during the semester. These ‘quizzes’ will come from the chapter homework assignments. The ‘quizzes’ will be worth 10 points each. Therefore, if we assume five quizzes are given during the semester, your letter grade for the course will be determined based on how many of the up to 350 possible points you earn, as follows: A = 90 – 100% of 350 points or 315 – 350 points B = 80 – 89. 9% of 350 points or 280 – 314 points C = 70 – 79. % of 350 points or 245 – 279 points D = 60 – 69. 9% of 350 points or 210 – 244 points F=If you have a specific disability that qualifies you for academic accommodations, please notify me and provide certification from the Office of Special Student Services. The Office of Special Student Services is located at 5828 Old Shell Road at the corner of Jaguar Drive and Old Shell Road (phone 251 460-7212). Student Academic Conduct The University of South Alabamans policy regarding Student Academic Conduct Policy is found in the USA Student Handbook, The Lowdown, and may be accessed via the following link: (http://www. Southland. Du/ lowdown/academicconductpolicy. SHTML). The University of South Alabama is a community of scholars in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of the individual are sustained. The University is committed to supporting the exercise of any right guaranteed to individuals by the U. S. Constitution and the Code of Alabama ND to educating students relative to their responsibilities. Academic Dishonesty The University has very specific policies regarding cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty.

These policies are detailed in the USA Student Handbook, The Lowdown. In accordance with these policies, any form of academic dishonesty will put the student’s grade for the course at risk and may lead to additional disciplinary measures. In March of 2012, the Mitchell College of Business adopted the policy detailed on the following page regarding academic misconduct: Any form of academic misconduct regarding any class assignment or examinations Will result in a grade of ‘F’ in the course. A second incident of academic misconduct will result in academic dismissal from the Mitchell College of Business.

Academic Disruption The University’s policy on academic conduct is published annually in The down (http://WV. Southland. Deed/lowdown/ acidification’s. SHTML). Disruptive academic behavior is defined as individual or group conduct that interrupts or interferes with any educational activity or environment, infringes upon the rights and privileges of others, results in or threatens the destruction of property, and/or is themes residual to the maintenance of order in an academic environment. As a matter of basic courtesy, you are expected to be cordial, courteous, and respectful of faculty members and fellow students at all times.

Anyone who acts in a disrespectful manner toward anyone during this class Will be subject to immediate dismissal. Exam Retention In accordance with University policy, exams will be retained for a period of one year following the end Of this semester. At the end Of that period, the exams will be destroyed. Use of Calculators on Exams Basic four-function calculators may be used during exams. However, in order to receive partial credit for incorrect answers on exams, there will be instances in which you will have to show your supporting calculations.

Such instances will be clearly noted on the exams. Calculators that can store equations, formulas, and/or written text in memory will not be allowed. In addition, you may not use your cell phone as a calculator and calculators cannot be shared during exams. Cell Phones, etc. To avoid class disruptions, cell phones (and similar devices) must not emit audible signals during class. Place such equipment in MUTE or OFF mode. Also, you should not be sending or receiving text messages during class. If I see you are ignoring this rule, you will be asked to leave the classroom.

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