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Students who are non degree or degree seeking undecided may not register for retain courses without departmental approval. Course Description The course objectives are to develop the knowledge and understanding of a broad set of corporate financial principals and fundamentals. This course will teach you the tools and techniques used and proposed in corporate financial management. Analysis of the investment and financing decisions and the environment in which such decisions are made are covered in readings, problems and class discussion.

Course Objectives The “tools” you will acquire in this course will be the foundation for other business rouses you take, as well as the knowledge you acquire as a professional. Understanding of the following business finance concepts: Bond and Stock Valuation Risk, Return, Portfolio Diversification and CAMP Capital Budgeting Decisions Valuation using Discounted Cash Flows and Multiples Agency Problems, Compensation and Performance Measures Efficient Markets and Behavioral Finance Required Text Bearable, Myers & Allen, Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill (1 lath Deed. 014) Suggested Reading The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times Class Format The first part of each class will consist of a lecture on the assigned topic. Students are expected to have read the assigned material prior to class. Student participation and questions are strongly encouraged. Performance Evaluation Examinations (700 points) There will be two exams during the semester. You may use your calculator on the exams. A financial calculator such as The Texas Instruments BAA-al Plus is highly recommended but (any similar calculator will do).

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However, programmable calculators will not be allowed. The best advice I can give you is to dedicate some study time everyday and work through the problems in the book until you feel comfortable with the material. Homework (200 points) There will be 8 homework assignments during the semester. The goal of these assignments is to apply the theoretical concepts to a practical setting and to practice the material learned in class. Each homework assignment is worth 25 points. You are responsible to check Blackboard and submit the homework before the due date.

Homework submitted after the due date will not count. Valuation (100 points) The deadlines are October 15 and December 3 1 . The class will be divided into teams. Each team will be assigned one of the following firms to value: Penny Company, Inc. AT&T; Dell; Kimberly-Clark; Exxon Mobil; Southwest Airlines; Dean Foods; Whole Foods Market; Tenet Healthcare; Gamester Corp.; Dry Pepper Snapped Group; Celanese. 2. On October 15 you should hand in a report with the valuation using comparable companies and precedent transaction analyses.

I will collect a copy of the completed, final project consisting of comparable companies, precedent comps and DC analyses on December 3. 2 Business Leaders Video Discussion (40 extra points). The deadline is November 26 You can earn 40 extra points by writing a one page report for each of the 6 videos o disagreed with in each video. Note that to earn the 40 points you need to write a report for all the videos before the deadline. Thus, you need to submit one unique document with 6 pages, one for each video.

The formatting of this report should have the following characteristics: Line spacing: Single; Font: Times New Roman, 12; Margins: Normal (1″ right, left, top and bottom). You are responsible to check Blackboard and submit this document before the due date. Distinguished Speaker Series (extra 20 points) You can earn 20 extra points if you e-mail me a minimum of 1 page report margining one or two presentations in the Distinguished Speaker Series Please see: http://www. Cob. Nut. Du/DOLS/index. HP You have to e-mail me the summary no later than a week after the presentation. Each summary will be worth 10 extra points; you can earn a maximum of 20 extra points. The formatting of these reports should have the following characteristics: Line spacing: Single; Font: Times New Roman, 12; Margins: Normal (1″ right, left, top and bottom). Bloomberg Certification (extra 35 points). The deadline is November 26 You can earn 35 extra points if you e-mail me evidence that you completed the Bloomberg ratification before November 26.

Grades will be computed based on the following maximum number of points: Midterm October 15 Final Exam December 1 1 Homework Valuation project Total Business Leaders Video Discussion, Distinguished Speaker Series and Bloomberg Certification 350 200 1000 points 95 extra points Grade distribution Students are responsible for taking the scheduled exams except with accepted excuses. Viable excuses include documented sickness, death in the immediate family, or participation in university sanctioned activities. Beyond these exemptions, no makeup exams will be given.

Grade Distribution 900 – 1095 = A 800-899=8 700-799 = c Below 600 = 3 Tentative Schedule This is a tentative schedule. The student is responsible to attend class and learn about unexpected modifications in the schedule. For instance, a class can be cancelled because I am sick or the University is closed due to weather conditions. Grading sheet with maximum total possible points TOPIC BOOK CHAPTER Valuation Final Cumulative score Class Meeting 1 (seep 3) Introduction Class Meeting 2 (seep 10) Bloomberg Session & How to Calculate Present Values Class Meeting 3 (seep 17) 25 Class Meeting 4 (seep 24)

The Value of Common Stocks 50 Class Meeting 5 (Cot 1) NP and Other Investment Decision Rules 75 Class Meeting 6 (Cot 8) Making Capital Investment Decision Class Meeting 7 (Cot 15) (Cot 22) An overview of corporate financing Chi 14 Class Meeting 9 (Cot 29) How Corporations Issue securities Chi 15 Class Meeting 10 (NOVO 5) Introduction to Risk and Return Class Meeting 1 1 (NOVO 12) Portfolio Theory and the CAMP / Class Meeting 12 (NOVO 19) Class Meeting 13 (NOVO 26) Risk and The Cost of Capital Agency Problems, Compensation and Performance Measures Class Meeting 14 (Deck 3) Efficient Markets and Behavioral

Class Meeting 15 (Deck 10) 150 525 550 Chi 12 575 Chi 13 650 DISABILITY ACCOMMODATION The University of North Texas is on record as being committed to both the spirit and letter of federal equal opportunity legislation; reference Public Law 92-112 – The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. With the passage of new federal legislation entitled Americans with Disabilities Act (DAD), pursuant to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, there is renewed focus on providing this population with the same opportunities enjoyed by all citizens.

As a faculty member, I am required by law to provide “reasonable accommodations” o students with disabilities, so as not to discriminate on the basis of that disability. Student responsibility primarily rests with informing faculty of their need for accommodation and in providing authorized documentation through designated administrative channels. Information regarding specific diagnostic criteria and policies for obtaining academic accommodations can be found at http:// www. Nut. Du/DOD/apply/index. HTML.

Also, you may visit the Office of Disability Accommodation in the University Union (room 321) or call them at (940) 565-4323. If you need an accommodation, please contact me as soon as possible but at the latest y the second week of class. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Academic dishonesty is defined in the NUT Policy on Student Standards for Academic Integrity. Any suspected case of Academic Dishonestly will be handled in accordance with the University policy and procedures. Possible academic penalties include a grade of “F’ in the course.

You will find the policy and procedures at http:// papa. Nut. Du/academic-integrity. Tm If I suspect that you have engaged in academic dishonesty, I will deal with the situation as outlined in the University Policy shown above. You will be allowed to main in the class during the entire time that the academic misconduct accusation is being investigated, adjudicated, and appealed. As noted above, the maximum academic penalty that can be assessed by an instructor is an F in the course.

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