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The purpose of this assignment is to introduce yourselves to each other. You will find it interesting to note how many occupations, industries, and even countries are represented in this class. Since it is believed that most learning in an online environment occurs when learners engage in open dialogue to discuss and offer explanations to each other, you are likely to find that the diversity of experiences, cultures and backgrounds of your classmates will enhance the richness of your own learning and performance. Here’s how it works: 1.

Go to the Discussion Board and start a new thread in your name. Introduce yourself by giving your name and any pertinent information you would like to share with the class. Your writing may take the form of a narrative profile rather than a formal resume. Include all or some of the following: • Occupation (you might want to describe a bit of what your Job entails) • Company you work for • Present management responsibilities (how many people do you supervise? ) • Past management experiences Undergraduate degree (major, minor, school) Why you are taking this class Where you are from

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How long you have been in the Omaha/Bellevue area • Marital status • Number and ages of children, grandchildren, pets Hobbies Most exciting thing you’ve ever done Most embarrassing moment at work Accomplishment you are most proud of Travel experiences (how many states and/or countries you have visited or lived in) A unique experience you’ve had or person you’ve met (name-dropping is K here) Anything else you would like to share 2. Read the resumes of your fellow classmates. Those discussion threads with a personal name as the topic will indicate your classmates. Feel free to respond accordingly. Case 2 By bassist

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