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Purpose rhea purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to practice your critical thinking and writing skills in light of a pressing case in contemporary business ethics. As well, the aim of this assignment is for me to give you feedback on your writing and thinking habits so as to set you on the path to strengthening these crucial skills. Value This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade and will be marked out of 15. Task Please read the following instructions carefully. 1 . Read Case 2 “The Business of Water” (up. 5-88) in our textbook. . Using an essay format (intro, thesis, body, conclusion) discuss your response to the following two questions: a. Who are the main stakeholders of beverage companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle© in this case? How would you prioritize their stakes and how legitimate are the different stakes? B. Think of the privatized water companies in this case in terms of the extended view of corporate citizenship. What are the specific governmental roles they have taken on? Evaluate their performance from this perspective. Requirements Aim to demonstrate the following: Essays should be between 3-5 double-spaced pages.

Title page and bibliography is excluded from the page requirements. * Please use PAP format and style for ALL citations and bibliography. If you are unclear about PAP requirements, please refer to their official web page at: http:// NNW. Epistyle. Org/ * Please use professional writing style – that is, be formal and detailed and avoid using colloquial language (text-speak, slang). Imagine you are writing a report for an employer. Evaluation Criteria I Explanation I Description I Evidence of summary skills and ability to paraphrase main ideas or concepts shall be considered.

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I Analysis I Demonstration of critical thinking skills and organization of ideas; pointing out key critical problems and express them clearly. I Interpretation I Personalizing the main ideas or concepts; expressing genuine concerns, comments, and questions that illustrate thoughtful self- development. I Grammar/ mechanics I Please ensure that you follow appropriate spelling, grammar, and citation expectations for the course. I Notes * I encourage collaboration on this assignment (I. E. Study/discussion groups). However, this is not a group assignment. You will be graded individually for your ideas and discussion.

You are trying to illustrate your mastery of the course material. Thus, keep your discussion focused on course concepts and materials. * Write in drafts rather than all at once. That way you can catch spelling, grammatical and structural errors before I do (trust me, you’ll prefer that! ). Submission Instructions or submit your assignments, please log on to our Blackboard page and then click on Learning Hub and then open the Assignments folder and find the folder titled Case Study Assignment. The rest is easy Pease! Remember to take a moment to high five yourself – you have submitted your first major assignment for this class. Way!

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