TMTH Syllabus FALL Assignment

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Homework is not graded. All exams will be in a proctored lab. If you are in the lecture section Exams: exams will be during the class time. On line students may choose between several times the lab offers to take their exams. If you are unable to take or complete an exam, that will be the grade that is dropped. Articles: The stats articles will consist of analysis of 2 articles that I will post on the web page during the semester. Each analysis will be a 2 page analysis about the use of statistics in the article. What I am looking for here is your ability to apply the tactical concepts we talk about in class to real life situations.

Tutoring: Tutors are available in 239 in Cameron. Hours are posted outside the office I will be tutoring one day a week – time to be announced. If you’d like to attend these sessions let me know. Online students are welcome to attend any class sessions they like. Attendance: Attendance is not required. I suggest that you do attend if you are having problems with the exams or homework. Don’t wait until November to realize that you don’t understand and are falling behind! Contact: Please feel free to phone me at home at any day of the week for help. I usually go to sleep at 9.

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If it is a simple question that doesn’t require an immediate answer, email me. I am constantly checking my email. Academic Honesty: The University’s Honor Code states, “We will be honest in all our academic activities and will not tolerate dishonesty. ” Students are expected to do original work. Penalties include failure of the entire assignment (zero points) and referral to the department chair for consideration of additional action. Students with Disabilities: Students who require individualized accommodations for this course must inform he professor in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.

For information about services provided by The Center for Students with Disabilities, please call 713-743-5480. Learning Support Services: Learning Support Services, a part of the Counseling and Testing Service, provides small group and individualized peer-tutorial instruction. This is designed to assist students in their academic work. Workshops are offered in both study and college survival skills. These services, supported by student service fees, are located on the third floor of the Social Work Building.

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