Chemistry In Art Syllabus Fall Assignment

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By the end of this course, students will be able to: 1 . Explain and predict the colors of objects by applying an understanding of how light interacts with matter. 2. Explain how chemical structure determines the properties of materials and apply this principle to optimally select and use a variety of artistic materials. 3. Delay their own death and avoid injury by learning the health hazards of many artistic materials.

Required Materials Text: Rona, Mary Virginia, and Goodliest, Madeline P. , Chemistry of Artists’ Colors Supplied: A calculator with scientific notation and logarithms Exams and Grading There will be three exams (On Swept 24, Cot 25, and DCE 3) and a comprehensive final. Each exam will count for 20% and the comprehensive final will count for 30% of the total grade for the class. If the final grade is higher than the lowest exam grade, that exam grade will be dropped and the final will count for 50% of the total grade.

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There will also be problem sets on blackboard that will count for 10% of your total grade. You may collaborate on these problem sets. All material on an exam will be covered at least one week before the exam. The minimum score for each letter grade (out of 100) is: A 90, A- 87, 84, B 80, 77, C+ 74, C 70, C- 67, D 64. The last day to drop the course without receiving a penalty grade is Novo 1, 2013. Academic Integrity Policy See: www. Nameplate. Due/advising/policies_integrity. HTML Attendance Policy Attendance is not mandatory, but you are responsible for all information covered in class.

Accommodation Requests “Students with documented physical, learning, psychological and other disabilities are entitled to receive reasonable accommodations. If you need classroom or testing accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center, Student Union Building, Room 205, 257-3020. The DRY will provide forms verifying the need for accommodation. As soon as the instructor receives the form, you will be provided Witt the appropriate accommodations. Students are encouraged to request accommodations as close to the beginning of the semester as possible. Cheating Policy Please refer to the College’s policy on cheating. Any student found guilty of cheating may receive a reduction of grade for that assignment, a failing grade for the course, r may be suspended or dismissed from the College. Cancellation of Class In the unlikely event that class must be cancelled because of inclement weather or for other reasons, I will send an email message to students at their Nameplate. Due addresses as soon as possible. If you drive more than five miles to campus and need a telephone alert, provide me with your name, phone number, and travel time.

Student Evaluation of Instruction You are responsible for completing the Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEE) for this course and for all your courses with an enrollment of three or more students. I use this feedback to make changes to future offerings of this course. Please complete the form during the open period online at my. Nameplate. Due. Date Topics 8/27 Class starts, Chi 1-4 Math, wave properties, refraction,

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