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This will include the audit process, legal and ethical issues in auditing, planning the audit, the study and evaluation of internal controls, designing audit programs, and preparing the audit report. Grading: Homework 100 Class Participation and Attendance 100 Examination 1 Examination 2 Final Examination Total 250 300 1,000 points ** The total possible points earned during the semester by a student will probably not add up to points stated above so it will be necessary to normalize the points of this category to 100 points.

For instance, if your total possible score for homework adds to 85 points for the semester, the points that you have earned will become a percentage of 85 points which, in turn, will be multiplied by the 100 points needed for grading. For instance if you were to accumulate 85 points for homework assignments and quizzes, you will receive 100 points toward your final grade (85 earned points / 85 possible points) X 100= 100.

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Your final grade will be based upon points earned during the semester: 950-1000 points A 870 ? 899 840 – 869 800 – 839 770 – 799 740 – 769 700 – 739 40 – 669 600 – 639 Below 600 8+ c Midterms and Final: There will be two midterms and a cumulative final examination. The format of the midterms and exam will be a combination of essays and objective (multiple choice) questions. For those serious situations, whereby a student could not attend an examination, makeup exams will be provided. The serious situation must out of the control of the student the student will be required to provide documentation supporting the serious reason.

Homework Assignments: Homework serves as the basis for class discussions and emphasizes important counting topics. Written homework assignments will be collected at the beginning of class and are worth, typically 6 to 10 points, depending upon difficulty. All honest attempts at completing the assignment, with correct answers or not, will receive most or all of the homework points for the assignment. No late homework will be accepted, including students who come in late. Many students who do not complete their homework and/or reading assignments prior to class, do poorly in accounting.

Please keep a homework copy so that we can go through the homework in class. All homework should be typed. If a student contemplates missing class for some important reason, they can turn in an assignment via email. It must be sent before class begins. This method must be used sparingly. Plagiarism From the Academic Honor Code – Plagiarism is the act of presenting, as one’s own the ideas or writings of another; plagiarism, in any of its forms, violates academic integrity. While different academic disciplines have different norms of attribution, all strive to recognize and value individuals’ contributions to the larger body of knowledge.

It is the responsibility of students to consult with their professors in order to understand the norms of attribution in each discipline and area of study. Student Disabilities Services Students with disabilities are not required to register with any office or department on campus. However, when requesting specific classroom accommodations for a disability, please register with SD before receiving accommodations. Classroom accommodations provide an opportunity for students with disabilities to compete on equal terms with other students in class.

Individual accommodations are civil right guaranteed under teetered law. The accommodations prescribed through Student Disability Services are not frivolous or arbitrary. They are individually designed for each student based on appropriate documentation on file in the SD office. Although accommodations may appear similar for many students, they are based on individualized need and disability documentation. Limit Your Use of Laptops in Class to Note-taking Laptop computers can be used in my class for note-taking. Do not use the computer for personal business or pleasure during class hours.

I will consider that circumspectly and harmful to the learning environment. Class Participation and Attendance Class participation will be based on in-class and homework assignment discussions. Please notify me if you must miss class.

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