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Total number of absences incurred in both lecture and recitation sessions will be subjected to University rules on attendance. On Missed Activities: No opportunity for make-up will be given for missed MINOR activities (quizzes, exercises, assignments, recitation, projects, etc). For missed MAJOR activities (exam, group discussion, informative speech, persuasive speech), opportunity for make-up is given only if the student can produce a valid excuse slip, I. E. , one duly approved by his or her College Secretary. On Submission of Requirements: Any requirement or assignment should be submitted to the teacher during class hours. Students are not allowed to leave their papers in the teacher’s pigeonhole or cubicle.

They are not allowed to submit via e- mail either, unless specifically instructed to. Late requirements get a grade of 5. 0. On Classroom Decorum: While active class participation is encouraged, rowdy behavior is not tolerated. Any behavior that disrupts the class will be dealt with severely. Cellophanes should either be turned off or put in silent mode when inside the class. Students caught testing in class will be dealt with accordingly. Deadlines are strictly enforced. On Requirements Related to the Major Activities: Without a duly approved speech or discussion plan, students are not allowed to deliver their speech or participate in the group discussion. Reading of speeches is not allowed.

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Spontaneous and natural delivery is what would get the student a good grade. Students should be dressed “extra specially’ on their performance day. Powering presentations should be used only as visual aids, not as THE SPEECH. Simply reading the powering presentation is not considered a speech. On Intellectual Honesty: For cases involving intellectual dishonest, the student gets a final grade of 5. 0 in the course. In addition, Article MM AAA of Chapter 76 of the UP CODE, Revised 2005 shall apply: ART. 456. A student shall be subject to disciplinary action for any of the following a. Any tort to cheating in examinations or any act to dishonesty in relation to his/her studies; ART. 463. A.

Any student found guilty of the misconduct defined in Article 456-A shall be analyzed with suspension for not less than one (1) year. 1. All cases involving cheating or dishonesty shall be investigated by a College/Unit but shall automatically be subjected to review by the Chancellor. A speech should be a “creation” of the student, based on his own research, not Just a product of ‘cut-and-paste’ activity.

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