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I chose to interview Mrs.. Hanson: she is a neighbor of mine but she is also a new teacher in the Great Falls school district at LOL Elementary school. Last year she was a substitute teacher working around at almost every school last year. When I asked if I could ask her a few questions she said that she would love to. Since the school year started up this week she wanted me to e-mail her. Mrs.. Hanson was very happy to be able to help me. Even with her busy schedule, she let me know that she combined question two and three because they seem to go with each other.

Being a new teacher she told me that learning her role as a teacher instead of a substitute teacher will be new. Mrs.. Hanson said she is extremely excited for her new role Mrs.. Hanson told me of four different situations that she has come across where she needed to make a decision. Although there are five situations she did talk about, only two of them have to do with time allotment. The other four situations are: a student bringing up religion, technology issues for her lesson plan and student behavior issue making the learning environment unsafe for other students.

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Every school year teachers are faced with easy decisions such as what time of the day is best to teach which subject for their students or hard decisions like possibly removing a student from their classroom due to their behavior becoming unsafe for their peers. Each situation needs to be analyzed by the teacher to see what action is to be taken. I know that every teacher would love to say they have never had to remove a student from their class for their other students safety but it is something that will more than likely happen more than once in their teaching career, if not several times.

The first one Mrs.. Hanson talked about was the students behavior and out of respect to him (the student), she wouldn’t say what he did that made her question if she should remove him or not. She did say that she knew his behavior was heading down the route to being harmful to his classmates. After thinking about some behavior progress chart they have made though out the day, Mrs.. Hanson separated him from the rest of his classmates at a desk near her so she can keep a better eye on him. She did give him one day on in school suspension and he came back to the class with a better attitude.

She believes she made the right choice in this situation. I believe this falls into the category of Classroom events are immediate because when it comes to other students safety action needs to be taken as quickly and safely as possible. So no one gets hurt or so the student causing the behavior problem doesn’t hurt him or her self. Another decision Mrs.. Hanson had to make was what she needed to do when the projector wasn’t working: how to keep her class under control. Technology is a very important thing in today’s education; we use computers everyday for out lessons and or creating worksheets to print out for our lessons.

To use a projector, you need to have your projector connected to the computer and the settings correct for it to work. After messing with it for a few minutes, Mrs.. Hanson decided to give a quick overview of the lesson. She moved onto other things for that day and got a little a head in the next days lessons to keep the class under control so there wasn’t too much free time tort them to get out to and e nee day tater the computer technician fixed t settings so the projector was finally working, Mrs.. Hanson went back to the lesson and he was able to use the projector and give the assignment for her students to complete.

I believe this falls under the category of: Classrooms are unpredictable by the projector not working its something Mrs.. Hanson couldn’t predict so she had to improvise outside of her lesson plan. The third one she told me about was when a child brought up the topic of religion. This is something teachers need to try to avoid if at all possible. Religion is one of those forbidden topics. Again out of respect for the student Mrs.. Hanson left their name out but when the child brought up religion, it got the attention of the other students. Mrs..

Hanson nodded to let the child know she is listening but she got the students back to the task at hand by saying “l told the class we needed to get back on finishing or else it would cut into our recess time (all students love their recess time). This got them to work diligently without hurting the students feelings. ” I think this situation falls under three different categories Classroom Events are Immediate, Classroom’s are Unpredictable, and Classroom’s are Public. Classroom Events are Immediate- because the topic of religion isn’t allowed in the classroom so Mrs..

Hanson needed to take action quickly. Classroom’s are Unpredictable- because you never know what’s going to happen or what may be said by any of the students and last but not least, Classrooms are Public- because it got the other students attention and they can go home and tell their families making the issue more publicized. I believe the last two decisions fall under Classrooms are Unpredictable. The first one was that Mrs.. Hanson needed to start the next lesson but one of her students was still working on the assignment when Mrs..

Hanson told her to pack up and finish eater, which then resulted in the student yelling at her (Mrs.. Hanson). Instead of letting it become a scene, she let her finish the assignment at the back table and caught her up later. This student normally finishes before the other student and it’s not like her to act out like that. The second one was that Mrs.. Hanson needed to finish a lesson but could tell her students reached their frustration point and needed a break. By giving them a break, she ended up not finishing up the lesson but the kids didn’t get unruly because they were done for the day.

Being a teacher is all about making decisions and hoping they were the right ones to make but there are some decisions such as which students are sitting next to each other that at times needs to be reanalyzes. If you have two students sitting next to each other are being too disruptive then moving them would be best but not all decisions can be reanalyzes later. So teachers really need to be sure they are making the right choice for their classroom, their students and for them.

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