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This course focuses on acting fundamentals with an emphasis on the heightening and focusing of physical and vocal energy, and the beginning elements of scene study. Students will learn how to assess and archangel their physical hypertension, and apply scene study techniques on stage. Course Content: Acting Exercises*- the class will study the elements of acting using exercises signed to focus on the essential basics in the craft of organic acting. The class will memorize several short scenes. The instructor will make weekly in-class assignments utilizing this memorized material.

Students are required to: 1) keep a Daily Journal on terms, concepts, exercises and lecture notes (weeks 1-6 & 9-12); 2) attend the DVD Drama Season productions produced during this semester and write short papers on related assigned topics. All written submissions will be to Desire-2-Learn (DEL). Students who cannot attend DVD production(s) will be assigned academic paper(s) pages) to substitute. Lectures- students will receive lectures on the basics tot the acting process – supporting their class assignments, while developing their dramatic instrument – sustaining heightened, focused and economical energy.

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Vocal & Physical Warm-ups- the class will participate in warm-ups designed to expand their vocal energy and eliminate physical hypertension that might impede their work in class assignments. Please wear comfortable shoes (no high heels, flip flops or bare feet), loose fitting clothing or clothing that stretches. For full participation in class-work, nines shoes and pants are recommended. Upon successful completion, students will be able to apply basic acting techniques in preparing and performing staged presentations: A.

Demonstrate the ability to communicate non-verbally by identifying and refocusing physical hypertension. B. Develop a heightened vocal energy, and apply it in a memorized scene on stage. C. Use correct terminology when evaluating both scenes in class, and dramatic productions. D. Apply scene study techniques when performing a scene on stage. E. Develop and apply self-assessment skills when performing on stage. Classroom Etiquette Policy: In order to promote an environment that is conducive to learning, it is vital that we respect others.

This respect manifests itself in showing tolerance for differing points of view, using appropriate language (no obscenities), and avoiding behavior such as using cell phones or I-pods, eating large meals, or any other distracting behavior. Please turn off cell phones before coming to class. Testing during class is not allowed. Course Grading Final course grading will be determined as follows: Class Attendance/Participation: 30% (Tardy 3 times = an absence; students with three absences should consider dropping.

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