English Notes: Literature and Drama Assignment

English Notes: Literature and Drama Assignment Words: 530

What dramatic techniques have playwrights used to convey ideas and/or beliefs in two or three plays you have studied, and how effective have they been? Arthur Miller uses an allegory, which is the Salem Witch Trials as the McCarthy concept from the asses. Just as the puritan citizens are accusing any civilian as a witch, any person, including the author himself had been accused of being a Soviet Russian during the Red Scare. He uses this play to introduce his beliefs and ideas regarding both the Red Scare and the witch rills and how absolutely absurd they were.

He closely related the witch trials to the “show trials” he was placed under in the ass. Explore the ways in which dramatists have made use of monologues and/or soliloquies in at least two plays you have studied. 2. Plays employ various kinds of structural divisions such as prologues and epilogues, act and scene divisions, even carefully placed intermissions. Discuss the dramatic uses made of these divisions in at least two plays you have studied. 3. “A play should make you laugh or should make you cry.

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With reference to at least plays you have studied, discuss the methods playwrights use to generate emotional response in their audiences. Commentaries: 1 . An adequate to good answer will select some significant monologues and/ or soliloquies from at least two plays and compare the ways in which these speeches are used by the dramatists. A good to excellent answer may offer closer scrutiny of the selected monologues and/or soliloquies, examining closely various ways in which dramatists use such speeches to impact their dramas as a whole and offering closer analysis of the uniqueness of each dramatist’s approach. . An adequate to good answer will identify appropriate conventions that separate aspects of at least two plays and will compare some of the ways in which these divisions affect the dramatic presentation of the plays. A good to excellent answer may offer more specific detail regarding the types of divisions that occur in the plays and distinguish more closely how the choices of each dramatist lead to the effectiveness of particular aspects of the drama. 3.

An adequate to good answer will identify some methods by which at least two dramatists generate emotional responses and offer supportive detail for how such methods work, comparing the choice Of methods employed by the dramatists and/or the outcomes achieved. A good to excellent answer may offer a more in-depth and detailed discussion of the methods employed by dramatists to generate emotion, clearly evaluating the uniqueness of generating emotion in the separate dramas, and offering, perhaps, a distinction between comedy and tragedy.

An adequate to good literary commentary will: Grasp the basic situation of the tobacco selling/buying and the economic situation of the passage ; note the anticipation and tension of the various members of the family ; Identify the particular attitudes of the mother, the father and the narrative voice in relation to each other in this situation ; Follow the implications of the use of the “ticket” in the transactions ; understand the conclusion of the mornings event.

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