Drama Bully Monologue Assignment

Drama Bully Monologue Assignment Words: 405

Bully Monologues Witness I told you everything I saw. I really don’t want to be involved in this. Eve never wanted to be involved in this stuff. Colleges don’t like that. I can’t afford to lose my credibility with them. You know that. Can I go now? …. So I won’t get in trouble?… You swear?…. Well, alright. Like I said, I didn’t see much. I only caught the tail end of the fight. There was blood already on the ground and the knife was Just being thrown away when I came around the corner.

I was the only one around, but I didn’t chase after the guy who attacked him. I didn’t even see who it was. I Just turned around and went a different way to my car. The kid was Just lying there by the lockers. Mr.. Jones passed me right after I turned around, so I knew he would find the boy. I won’t get in trouble for that will l? …. OK, but remember you swore. After I left the scene, I felt kind of… Guilty. Maybe I could have done something. I couldn’t have stopped it, but I don’t now.

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Maybe I could have helped the boy. I could have at least chased the kid’s bully. I owed him at least that much. I’ll probably be fine for college, but I’ll never live this guilt down. Bully Yeah I hit him. K? I hit him. I hit him. I hit him. I don’t know what else you want me to say or why you’re even questioning me. Everyone knows I did it. It’s not like I can lie about it. Everyone saw. … Who’d I do It? I don’t know. I mean I do. The kid’s an idiot.

He’s always asking me stupid questions and doing stupid things for stupid reasons. Plus he’s always touching me. He taps his pencil on my shoulder every time he wants an answer out of me for another one of his stupid questions. That class he tapped me at least ten times before I lost It. I warned him. I told him. He knew It was coming. If he tapped me one more time, he knew what was coming. But guess what little stupid two shoes did. I felt the tap and lost control. Yeah I hit him. But technically he hit me first….

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