Elements of Greek Drama in Toy Story Assignment

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Elements of Greek Drama in Toy Story In Toy Story, a toy cowboy, Woody, has long enjoyed the position of being Andy’s favorite since Andy was in kindergarten. Quick to calm the other toys fears of being replaced on Andy’s birthday, Woody finds his position in Jeopardy with the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, a space ranger action figure. Trying to get rid of Buzz, Woody ends up making himself lost along with Buzz. Trying to return from Pizza Planet, they get caught by Sid, the neighborhood kid who tortures toys. They find themselves in Sid’s oom along with his mutant toys.

The fugitives and the mutants work together to punish Sid for his torturous ways and to return Buzz and Woody home. Buzz and Woody develop a genuine friendship and learn that only through mutual trust and respect do they stand a chance of returning to Andy. Elements of Greek drama are common in film while most people might not notice it. Many movies, including Toy Story, have a catharsis, hamartia, anagnorisis, peripeteia, a nemesis, and many more. Being Andy’s favorite toy, Woody lives the life, but that doesnt last long.

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As soon as Andy receives Buzz as a surprise present from his mother, Woody’s life starts going downhill, or otherwise known in Greek, peripeteia. Andy’s other toys take to him immediately, being impressed by his many features, while Woody stays convinced that he will remain as Andy’s favorite. Woody holding onto his stubbornness and jealousy, his hamartia, is like him climbing a mountain and once he reaches the top, he can’t suppress all the Jealousy and resentment. His hamartia explodes and he attempts to get rid of Buzz.

Accidentally, Woody pushes Buzz outside the window and the other toys see this as intentional. When Woody manages to see Buzz on the way to pizza planet, they get in a brawl and are left at the gas station, with no way to get home. While stranded at the gas station, Woody and Buzz end up under a huge fuel truck, where Woody complains, Woody’s catharsis, to Buzz about how if Buzz “hadn’t shown up your stupid cardboard spaceship and taken away everything that was important to me, then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Managing to arrive at pizza planet through a delivery boy’s car, Woody and Buzz end up in a toy machine where Sid retrieves them, Woody and Buzz’s horrible nemesis. By allowing his hamartia to explode, along with Buzz’s arrogance, Woody meets his nemesis. Eventually, they end up in Sid’s room where they witness what Sid does to his toys. Reasoning with Sid’s toys, Woody attains their help to save Buzz. Woody’s anagnorisis is fully revealed because Woody feels that it’s his responsibility to save Buzz.

Seconds later, Woody nvisages a plan to escape Sid’s room, save Buzz, and return to Andy. Along with punishing Sid for his cruelty, Woody establishes a relationship with one of the two choruses, Sid’s toys, in the movie. Having been through a lot with Buzz, Woody learns during his talk with Buzz in Sid’s room that no one can do everything himself. Woody needed Buzz and Buzz needed Woody. In the end, the two toys develop a genuine friendship and learn that only through mutual trust and respect do they stand a chance of returning to Andy. By NiJevix

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