Values and Ethics: Midterm Exam Assignment

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Moderate altruism: it also known as ‘Golden Rule altruism’ or reciprocal altruism’ in which taking others interests into account, while being considered for ones’ own interests as well. I believe that Moderate altruism is most common in our society and many people consider it as the peace establisher of our society. On the other hand, actions of our society by showing cruelness to other fellow human being makes me think that, believing something is very different than implementing on that same thought in one’s life.

Question 5: Why did the father of the prodigal son celebrate his homecoming? Selected answer: He had been away for thirty years. Correct answer: The father had given him up for the lost. This story of prodigal son is so fascinating, that it makes us think that what we would have done if we were in that situation. This story is taken from the idea of parables, which is nothing but a story about our self and what we ought to do in that situation. These are didactic stories which illustrate lesson on principles and also considered as a purpose of teaching a moral and religious lessons.

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These types of stories have potential of being very demanding and hard to live up to. Question 9: What does Kant mean by ‘the right to a person akin to a thing”? Selected answer: a defense of the rights to own slaves. Correct answer: an intermediate category of being a person, but without complete freedom. By this statement, Kant means, that a person under your control is as similar to as a thing you have own. He even considers the relationships in which a person is under your control is your property, for example; a relationship of parents-children, owner-slave and even husband-wife.

As mentioned in Cant’s Social and Political Philosophy, “His discussion of marriage, which focuses on this legal relation in abstraction from empirical considerations such as love, treats marriage as reciprocal access to the other’s sexual organs. While each partner in the marriage is using the other as a means for enjoyment and thus as a thing, the marriage contracts reciprocity “restores” their personality as ends in themselves. ” (Frederick, SUMMER 2012) Question 13: In the film Do the Right Thing a riot begins.

What is the immediate cause of the riot? Selected answer: De Mayor throws a trash can at Gal’s pizzeria. Correct answer: Radio Ramee is killed by the police. “DO the right things” takes us back into the ideas Of Cant’s duty theory ontology. This theory refers to the ability to reason and doing the right thing. It also requires the honest respect for the act to be moral act. In Cant’s view, “one must have respect for the moral law that is expresses in the intention.

It isn’t enough for the neighbor to be kind man who wants his neighbors to be comfortable; he must imagine it to be a good thing for neighbors to act that way in general, not because it would make everyone comfortable and happy, but strictly for the sake of principle of doing the right thing. ” (Rodents, 201 3) Question 14: According to J. S. Mill, there is only one legitimate reason for interfering with other people’s lives. Selected answer: if they do harm to themselves. Correct answer: if they do harm to others.

According to J. S. Mill, the only and liable reason for interfering into other people’s lives is if they do harm to others. This principle is very common and applied principle in many social and political settings. A supporter of many unacceptable issues in our society refers to this principle if they get into an argument of such nature. Drug legalization supporters often take shelter ender this principle of J. S. Mill’s. Question 15: There are three major reasons for choosing to believe in psychological egoism.

Which shouldn’t be listed? Selected answer: The theory serves as an excuse for not trying to do something for others. Correct answer: The theory allows us to choose when to be selfish and when to consider the feelings of others. Psychological egoism is a theory, in which one naturally acts for self-interest. According to our text, there are three major problems with psychological egoism: Falsification is not possible: It always look into selfish motive and effuses to recognize any other kind of motive.

Doing what want isn’t always selfish: A survival instinct, always takes over to defend your actions, in which we try to defend our actions by forceful argument. The fallacy of the suppressed correlative: It becomes meaningless if it does not have an opposite and it becomes difficult to determine the application of selfish and less selfish. Question 16: What is the paradox of hedonism? Selected answer: You cannot love more than one person at the same time. Correct answer: The harder you look for pleasure, the more it is likely to elude oh.

Paradox of hedonism is affiliated with seeking pleasure which we all want and we make effort towards achieving it. I heard once that pleasure is temporary and happiness is permanent. So we can work towards seeking pleasure but we at the site our primarily energy should go towards seeking happiness. Question 21 : The fallacy Of ad miscarried commonly appeals to. Selected answer: the concept that drastic consequences will follow a miserable policy. Corrected answer: pity for the individual. Ad miscarried fallacy is an appeal to pity.

It is nothing but excuses that people make to get considered. In our society, this kind of fallacy is very common which people use it at each and every step of their lying sessions. Sometimes a person, who truly deserves a special consideration, can get overlooked because of this mindset that everybody makes excuses.. Question 22: An egoist is a person who, by definition, thinks highly of him- or herself and utilizes self-praise consistently. Selected answer: True Corrected answer: False A person who is self-centered and always put himself first will be always be insider egoist.

Before I took this class, I used to think egoist as a negative term, but after reading the text and exploring on glasswork I realized egoist can be taken in positive manner too. It is not definite that an egoist is an immoral or unethical person. Realized that, defiantly an egoist can be high self-opinion and self-praising person, but he can also be a believer. Question 23: Psychological egoism is the theory that the only proper way to live is to be selfish; in other words, everyone isn’t necessarily selfish by nature, but one ought to be selfish.

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