Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Assignment

Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Assignment Words: 720

A person’s core values and ethics are important characteristics that help to identify an individual. Many factors determine our values and ethics. Values and ethics are shaped by the rules and structure that are raised, religious beliefs, family values, education, and life experiences. People need to know and understand their own personal values and ethics. This awareness helps people understand how people perceive us and allows us to identify our own personal qualities.

Michael Garrett stated “l seek to understand what live, which is often quite different from what I claim to believe and constantly question the validity of that belief in the light of my life experiences” (2007, p 38). This paper will identify the values that are important to me personally, organizationally, and culturally, and the effects that these values have on decision making in regard to my personal and professional life. Personal Values Personal values are the standards that define and guide an individual’s daily activities as well as their thoughts.

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One’s personal values are acquired early in life and can change through life experiences. My own personal values are based upon trustworthiness, selflessness, and servant, and compassionate, not in any order. Trust stands for upholding the ethical code. To serve people as a servant leader and to be selflessness means putting others first and working for them. To be compassionate involves being considerate for others. These values are the framework of my decision- making abilities and process. Organizational Va lees Organizational values are the principles on which the mission and vision of he organization are built on.

Values form the foundation for all that happens in an organization. The organizational values define the norms and expectations for the business, which informally defines how people interact with each other. Some of these values may be in line with my own personal values, while others may conflict with my values causing ethical dilemmas. Aligning personal values with organizational values IS essential to ensure that integrity and the company’s mission and vision are being up held. Cultural Values Cultural values make up the world.

Different groups or societies have different cultural values. “Cultural values refer to enduring ideals or belief systems to which a person or a society is committed” (Ludwig & Silva, 2009, p. 1). They guide an individual’s behavior based upon societal standards. Religion is one of the many roots that influence culture values. Cultural values also exist within organizations, focusing on the atmosphere. It is important to have the employees not only uphold the values, but also the culture the organization represents.

Culture has a great deal of influence also n our values and ethics. Decision Making Process An individual’s personal, organizational, and cultural values are the basis of their personal and professional decision-making. My personal values and ethics are apparent in my behavior at home and at work. I make sure that I adhere to all hospital policies and up hold the behavioral and operational expectations. One of my personal values is that of trustworthiness. Like other values, trust is something that must be gained.

As a leader, I acknowledge I cannot do anything without my team and my team will not allow or support me if they do not have trust built up. To honor that value, I tend to be transparent, responsiveness, caring, and honest with people and with my employees. The key here is that do what I say am going to do. Trust is hard to measure, but everyone knows the cost of losing it. One of the values of the organization is serving our customers, which is patients, family members, employees, and physicians. This organizational value aligns with my personal values to serve others, selflessness and servant.

I am very assassinate about being selfless and servant leader in all areas of my life, not just my work profession. Focus on serving others needs and bringing out the best in others. Conclusion People make decisions based less on what they know than what they believe. Our personal, organizational and cultural values play a big part in our everyday lives. By aligning personal values with organizational values, individuals are provided with the framework to help with making decisions and with any ethical dilemmas.

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