Professional Ethics and Values Assignment

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Professional ethics and values derive from our personal experiences from personal and business atmospheres. It is quite understandable that the people we look up to in an organization provide the foundation for the building blocks of our professional ethics and values. Mentors, superiors, managers, and role models are all sources for this building process (Kiamba, n. d. ). These people either by direct or indirect contact influence our ethical learning process. (Kiamba n. d. “The training and managerial exposure that managers have grown with enable them to be subjects of ethics and values “richness”” (Managers, para. 2). Being human, it is normal to always want to be successful, so being ethically strong in the workplace is vital. Thomas (2009), “Often, we don’t have good role models for accepting that things are less than what we want them to be, but not letting that discourage us” (para. 7). Professional value and ethics impact career success.

If there are no professional values or ethics present within the person, there are chances that the person will not be very successful within the professional world. Something as simple as showing to work on time is an example of having professional ethics. I’m sure that many people have heard the phrase “work ethics”. It is a compilation of all the good traits we have examined in people from as far as an earliest memory (Brinkman, 2002). Taking these traits and implementing them in career tasks in an ethical way will prove to be successful.

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It might be difficult for someone to adjust to the value system of the organization, such as placing organizational loyalty before ethical standards. An example of this would be when NASA determined the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger as a tragic accident. NASA had been previously warned by engineers that it would be dangerous to launch in cold weather (White, 1991). Sometimes it may be hard to fit in and succeed if the organizations values/policies are not exactly ethical. In cases such as these, finding other employment opportunities is necessary.

Whether professional ethics and values are learned and how they are put into effect in the daily lives of employees, will determine the success of the individual. Sometimes the values and ethics that people have acquired, can make it difficult within the work place because of organizational practices. If the organizations practices are not acceptable it may be necessary to find another employment opportunity. References Kiamba, T. (n. d. ). The source of professional values and ethics. Helium. Retrieved from http://www. helium. om/items/1777355-the-sources-of-professional-values-and-ethics Thomas, G. (2009). Preparing for successful leadership. Leadership, 38(3), 25. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. White, H. (1991). The Conflict Between Professional and Organizational Loyalty. Library Journal, 116(9), 59-60. Retrieved from Academic Search Complete database. Brinkmann, J. (2002). Business and Marketing Ethics as Professional Ethics. Concepts, Approaches and Typologies. Journal of Business Ethics, 41(1/2), 159-177. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

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