The Harlem Renaissance Assignment

The Harlem Renaissance Assignment Words: 419

What were the assets and liabilities of the men in New York in 1789 as they began to govern under the new Constitution? 3. What the American Revolution from most, If not all subsequent revolutions? Explain. The American Revolution was the quintessential step Chapter 1 “The Duel” July 11, 1804 1. Why did the Burr-Hamilton duel become legendary? The Burr-Hamilton duel was an event that forever changed history and is remarked as the most renown duel in American History. 2.

Describe the 15 year relationship between Hamilton and Burr. Cite specific examples of the conflict between the two. 3. Why does Hamilton call Burr the “Catalina of America”? Provide examples that support Hamiltonians view of Burr. Chapter 2 “The Dinner” June 20, 1790 1. Describe the members and agenda of “the dinner”. 2. What was the issue of assumption? 3. What was Hamiltonians plan for debt reconciliation? Why was Madison opposed to it? Chapter 3 “The Silence” February 1 1, 1790 1 . What occurred in the House of Representatives on February 1 1, 1790? 2.

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Describe In detail the arguments presented by James Jackson (GO) and William Houghton Smith (S) In support of slavery. 3. What were the proposals for gradual emancipation? According to , could gradual emancipation have been feasible? Chapter 4 “The Farewell” 1 . How does Benjamin Franklins gift to George Washington symbolize how Washington was viewed by the nation? What evidence from Washington’s career supports this? 2. Why did Washington decide to retire? Consider private, public, and political concerns. 3. Regarding Washington’s Farewell, what was the purpose and main themes (128)?

Discuss the advice he gives to America’s future leaders and the three salient features Chapter 5 “The Collaborators” 1 . What were the strengths and weaknesses of John Adams as a presidential candidate? 2. A rift developed between Jefferson and Washington. What were the issues surrounding the rift? How does the rift reflect a greater rift amongst the revolutionary generation (especially between Republicans and Federalists)? What impact would this have on the nation? 3. What were Dame’s experiences as Vice President? Chapter 6 “The Friendship” 1 . What was the significance of the “midnight Judges”? What were Jefferson misguided propositions about European affairs? 3. What does the correspondence between Adams and Jefferson reveal about their different views of government? Important Note: Below is a statement that you must sign that verifies that the work you do in responding to the previous questions is your original work and that you received no assistance from any person nor book review nor electronic media. My signature below verifies that the work contained herein is my own and that I received no assistance from any other source.

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