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Tracing how anger shapes the transformation of TIA in Laura Swivel’s, Like Water for Chocolate and Estates True in Isabella Allendale,The House of The Spirits” Love is strong affection and attraction towards somebody, The glow of love lights the dullest of lives. But what happens when love is lost? Loss of love shapes the life off character; it can alter it completely. Loss of love also triggers anger within a person, and that’s what happens to TIA from Like Water for Chocolate and Estates True from The House of the Spirits.

Between Like Water for Chocolate and The House of The spirits, my points of comparison are: how the two characters were comps mentis initially, tracing how anger transforms their characters and the point source where this anger emerges from. Mama ??lan’s authority made TIA a submissive child, for every minor fault her mother would give her violent beatings. But Tit’s tolerance boundary was crossed when Mama Elena refused Tit’s marriage proposal with Pedro (Tit’s lover). Instead, Mama Elena puts forward a proposal for Aurora’s marriage with Pedro.

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Pedro accepts this offer; it breaks Tit’s heart. This is the event where anger takes centre stage in Tit’s life. The patriarch of the True family, Estates True is a passionate and hard working man determined to succeed. He fell in love with Rosa del Vale. To be able to marry her, he works at a gold mine. He scratches the earth for the tinniest bit of gold only to lead Rosa by the arm to the altar, willing to spend s Tee n near. But nee seems to De a magnet Tort Dad luck, before he could become rich; God stole Rosa carried her to the Hereafter.

Estates titled in despair and loneliness. This can be reflected in the lines “his had been….. Oversized price” and “l don’t plan to be poor again”. This is the event where anger takes centre stage in Sateen’s life. Padre’s first child with Rosary, Roberto was Tit’s only angelic savior among the various callous souls. She comes to love Roberto and feels that as long as she can stay near him, her fate does not matter. But Mama Elena soon sends Pedro and his little family to stay in San Antonio, where Roberto could be away from TIA.

She breaks down and finds that without Pedro and Roberto, nothing is left to her life. While hiding from the rebels, TIA wanted her mother to be safe, but somewhere deep inside her she wished that the first sight she sees after coming out would be the corpse of her mother, and from this moment, Tit’s dislike turned into hatred. All the happiness she could afford came from feeding the baby pigeon. The death of Roberto was the most important stepping stone in Tit’s realization of herself. Her reaction to this mournful news was her first act of rebellion.

She blames Mama Elena for the death of her nephew: “here’s what I o with your orders! I’m sick of them! I’m sick of obeying you”- with every word she offended her mother’s pride and authority. From a kind hearted girl, Mama ??lan’s rejection of Tit’s marriage changed her into a disobedient woman. Her whole life she lived under Mama ??lan’s domination- but loss of love made her realize and understand that she wasn’t meant for it. Defeated by loss of love, Estates decided to travel to the ghost place of Tress Maria’s and took up the Herculean task of rebuilding it.

Also, his life grew sexually tense, which resulted in him abusing girls in the now rosaceous place. He releases his pent up sexual tension by visiting a brother called ‘The Red Lantern’. This event reflects Sateen’s loose character, when he didn’t have a wife, he used other girls to release himself of his tension. When his mother died, Estates got married to Clara. She gets pregnant and Estates desires a boy but it turns out to be a girl. He is not impressed with his new, slimy and wrinkly daughter.

He takes his family to Tress Maria’s. When he finds out that Clara had been haranguing the peasant women with feminist speeches, he has a temper tantrum. This incident reflects the sense of gender inequality in Estates. If it had been Rosa, he would let her do whatever she wishes, but not Clara: his heart had been hardened by loss of love; he does not wish to love anybody else, much less Rojas’s sister. But with time, he comes to adore her. Estates despairs Clara because she treats him like everyone else.

He tries to make her Jealous by going to brothels but it doesn’t work- Clara is as impassive as her. Sateen’s love for Clara is “the most powerful emotion of his life”. The underlying reason was loss of love; the emotional breakdown he had en through opened up new gaps in him, and Clara filled those gaps perfectly. His fondness and obsoleteness for Clara grew to such an extent that he banished his sister Ferulae from the house out of suspicion: he thought of Ferula’s love for Clara to be too intimate for friendship.

This in turn reflects his possessiveness for Clara. Estates meets Count Jean De Stating and entertains the idea of his marriage with Blanch. But the conniving Count informs Estates about Balance’s relationship with Pedro Terror. Estates beats Blanch with a horse whip and when Clara defends the nouns lovers, Estates punches her in the face, knocking out her teeth; he turns into a monster AT Diurnally He releases Nils temper, rage Ana Translation wanly nee stores when he lost Rosa and after suffering through Scalar’s rejections of him.

The birth of Balance’s daughter Alba sweetens Estates. The new born ‘star- struck girl (born with a star on her back: lucky) becomes a cure for Sateen’s harsh and cold nature. He entitles her with everything, she is a free bird. Under Dry. John Brown’s treatment, silence was Tit’s weapon against her mother, and this way she turned many stones. With each day TIA regained herself and came to a point when she felt an urge to continue with life. Her return to the ranch was her first act of liberation.

For the first time in her life, TIA looks into her mother’s eyes with no fear and a new sense of liveliness, and Mama Elena feels defeated and lowers her gaze. Mama Elena dies of her own suspicion. TIA toughens up and avoids getting attached to Separates; she does not want to suffer more emotional blows. She evolves as a person. She shows her anger towards Pedro and becomes confident. TIA desires to show off her swollen eely to the world with pride, she wanted to ignore society’s disapproval and wanted to live freely without restrictions.

After Mama ??lan’s death, TIA hallucinates and starts seeing her spirit, paying a visit to tell her that she’s doing wrong. One day TIA finally builds up the courage and speaks harsh words to her mother, these words banish her spirit, but in revenge Mama Elena puts Padre’s body on fire. TIA gains full confidence in herself, she furiously stands up against her mother and breaks free. In the end, TIA discovers true love and dies basking in it. Clara dies on Alba’s seventh airhead and Estates locks himself in her room. He spends the night by her side and says goodbye.

Once again, Estates wants to die; he dresses in mourning clothes for the rest of his life. These clothes not only signify Scalar’s death, they signify love’s death in Sateen’s life. His loving and sentimental side is exposed again- here again he suffers loss of love. Now his only loving and human contact was with his granddaughter Alba. She detoxifies him of the pain. Throughout his life, Estates True was haunted by incurable despair; he could only breathe with the image of Rosa and Clara like a banner in his heart. And with every breath, he’s won the battle of life.

His downfall is due to his personal hubris; because he lets his pride and arrogance take away everything he ever loved. He dies peacefully in the company of Scalar’s spirit and Alba. Through the above analysis, I can conclude that TIA and Estate True transformed into completely different characters and the reason can be accounted to the elevation of anger in their respective life. This anger triggered due to loss of love, for TIA, she lost Pedro and Estates True lost Rosa and Alba. Since her childhood, TIA was bound to follow her mother’s orders but she had never rebelled against them.

The event of losing Pedro because of Mama Elena caused her to rise from her submissive traits to her rebellious side. Estates True, became a cold hearted person and sought to violence as a way of mending problems. Both the books revolve around the theme of deprivation of love. Hence, I can conclude that deprivation of love provoked anger to take centre stage in their lives because of which their characters altered. TIA and Estates, both well- balanced beings, transformed into restless and vexed characters.

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