Literature: Harlem Renaissance and New Negro Assignment

Literature: Harlem Renaissance and New Negro Assignment Words: 411

Climax: George’s mother confronts Death’s belief that it was k to send her love to kill other people’s loved ones and did not expect George to die. In doing this she forces Edited to leave her romantic notion of war and see the reality of war. * In the end she forgets and leaves the reality of life and returns to the ideal (Romanticism). Desires baby: * Racism * When a baby is three months old the baby’s true skin color comes into view. Vernacular: French * El blanches, black slaves, but it meaner the whites.

Desire has no known background * Desire could have been white * Race and color do not have a connection. * Armband says that Desire is not white. * Finds a letter from his mother when he is burning Desires letters reveals that his mother was black. 6/10/13 Naturalism: Spanish-American war: 1890 * The letter * Naturalism: without the human mask of morality and humanity, we are brute beasts, living in an indifferent world. * He lives in a determinist world * Steven Grain was writing at the end of the 18th century so he is a naturalist * Three college students after the age of literature called realism * Charles Darwin:

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Theory of Evolution * Survival of the fittest * Realists acknowledge God in that it is our Job to help others live a more ethical life. * Romanticism: believes in God as the creator of all and we are made in his image. * Darwin, challenges these viewpoints. * He looks at man as the sum of changes that they must make in order to survive in their changing environment. * A battle between those who have and those who have not. * A battle against the cold, unfeeling, power of nature. Karl Marx * He took the fundamental aspects of Darning’s theory to propose the philosophy of Class antagonism.

The battle between the classes for the resources needed for life and advancement. * Naturalism is the idea that all life is about money and that some living to be a doctor and other are destined to be the nurse. * As long as there is plenty to go around we are nice to each other. * When there is scarcity we become vicious dogs fighting for survival. * The animal in all humans will come out in situation of life or death. Sigmund Freud: the father of psychology * Our tendency is to want to be the leader. * We will do whatever it takes to acquire wealth and resources.

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