Teaching Students with ADHD/ADD Assignment

Teaching Students with ADHD/ADD Assignment Words: 312

In a numerous amount of classrooms, teachers are having trouble reaching children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) because of knowledge and resources. Along with education and practice, teachers are able to find alternative techniques to teach every child in a classroom. There are many ways that a teacher, along with the help of the community and family, can help a child with ADHD successfully learn in a classroom environment.

Teachers can reach out for ssistance from other professionals educated solely on learning disabilities, change certain things in the classroom, provide behavioral interventions, and be informed of different teaching techniques to teach students with ADHD efficiently. Families, therapists, doctors, and classroom teachers can work together to plan a productive way to teach young students with ADHD.

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Professionals that are well informed of learning disabilities are able to give advice and tips of how to better teaching nstruction in a diverse classroom. Changing the learning environment can be helpful for the student, such as moving the student away from distractions, exercises, keeping the child moving, and providing positive support are some beneficial ways to help students with ADHD learn. Teaching techniques are important to know so that students with learning disabilities can learn the best way possible.

Some good tips a teacher can have to successfully teach a child with ADHD are to reward good ehavior, provide the child with a set schedule and regular breaks, post daily rules, schedules, and assignments neatly and big in the same place every day, use different techniques to get the child’s attention, such as a secret signal or color codes to redirect the child to the behavior needed at the time, and make sure the child is seated in front of the class with no disruptions. Every child is able to learn, but only with the opportunity and the support of the community, families, and teachers.

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