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There is NO extra credit in this course. All homework assignments and the mid-term exam are completed in Mystical. The final must be completed in person. Each student will make arrangements with the university to take a proctored final on site during the final week of class. The professor will contact you with more information. Students must present picture identification when reporting for the final exam. If a student lives more than 50 miles from the Atlanta campus or Douglas center then the student must make arrangements o have the final proctored off site at a location approved by the professor.

In this circumstance, any proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student. See the Course Plan and Assignment Sheet at the end of this syllabus for assignment, mid-term, and final exam due dates and further details. Grading will be based on total points earned according to the following scale: A = 765-850 = 654 – 679 Below 510 = 739 _ 764 c = 595 -653 B = 680 738 D -510 – 594 Department/College/University Policies and Procedures The following Department/College/leistering policies will be strictly adhered to in this course: A. Mercer Email Address: All students are assigned a Mercer e-mail address.

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This is the address that will be used for official University email correspondence to students. Faculty will communicate with students through their Mercer email address. B. Attendance Policy.. Attendance will be reported based upon timely completion of weekly online assignments. C. Student Conduct: The University expects students to conduct themselves in a manner, which reflects their maturity and their awareness that matriculation at the university is a privilege accorded only to those who share the ideals of an academic community.

Any conduct determined to have an adverse effect on the University community may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal. The Code of Conduct is enforced both on University premises, at University sponsored events held off campus, and in the online learning environment. Please refer to the Mercer University catalog for examples of such conduct and other information. D. Citizenship/Professional Conduct: Each student is responsible for being prepared to take part in the class. Students are expected to use non-sexist, culturally sensitive language in their interactions with other students and university personnel.

Behavior to the contrary is unaccepted. At a minimum, the professor will warn the student. Serious disruptions may result in immediate removal of the student from the instructional environment. E. Course Withdrawal Policy: Non-attendance, ceasing to attend a course(s), or informing the instructor of your intention to withdraw does not constitute a course withdrawal. Failure to officially withdraw from the course will result in academic and financial penalties. Refer to the Regional Academic Centers Catalog for information and on withdrawing from a course.

The last day to drop/add is March 20, 2015. The last day for course withdrawal is April 17, 201 5. F. ACCESS/Disability Statement: Students requiring accommodations for a disability should inform the instructor as early in their matriculation as possible or by the close of the first class meeting. The instructor will refer you to the ACCESS and Accommodation office to document your disability and eligibility for accommodations under the DATA/Section 504 and to request a Faculty Accommodation Form. Disability accommodations or status will not be indicated on academic transcripts.

In order to receive accommodations in a class, students with sensory, learning, psychological, physical or medical disabilities must provide their instructor with a Faculty Accommodation Form to sign. Students must return the signed form to the ACCESS Coordinator. A new form must be requested each semester. Students with a history of a disability, perceived as having a disability, or with a current disability who do not wish to use academic accommodations are also strongly 2 encouraged to register with the ACCESS and Accommodation Office and request a Faculty Accommodation Form each semester.

For further information, please contact: 0 For Macon, Eastman, and Savannah: Carols Burrowing, Director and DAD/504 Coordinator, at 478-301-2778 or by email at Burrowed_C@Mercer. Deed. Fax: 478-301 2127 or visit the website at: http://www. Mercer. Deed/descriptiveness’s. D For Atlanta, Douglas, Douglas, and Newman: Richard Stilled, Disability Support Services Coordinator/Assistant Dean for Campus Life, at 678 547-6823 or by email at Stilled_R@Mercer. Deed, Fax at 678-547-6373 or visit the website at: http://staffers. Racer. Deed/ disability-services. CFML. G. Academic Honesty & Honor Code: Mutual trust is a basic component of any immunity. Mercer University expects students, as members of the academic community, to take seriously their positions in that community. Students are expected to ensure the continuance of trust among themselves and between them and the faculty by accepting responsibility for their own work. The University considers breaches of this trust and responsibility to be serious offenses.

Academic offenses include the taking of credit for or unfair use of work that has been done by another person. This includes plagiarism, cheating, and other acts of dishonesty in academic areas. Plagiarism is defined as the use of ideas, facts, phrases, quotations, reproductions, or additional information, such as charts or maps, from any source without giving proper credit to the original author. Failure to reference any such material used is both ethically and legally improper.

Cheating includes the use of textbooks, notes, or other reference materials on a test, daily quiz, or other examination when not specifically permitted by the professor; copying ideas or facts from another student’s paper during a test, quiz, or other examination; giving or receiving ideas orally or in writing ring a test, quiz, or other examination; obtaining test questions that the professor has not released for reference prior to the test; and obtaining or giving specific information that appears on a test before the test is administered.

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