Students in the Century Assignment

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They were amazed about everything they were learning as far as the astronauts and space shuttles. There were mixtures of communication styles, but verbal was primary. There were many how used a lot of slang like ‘OMG! ‘, ‘LOL’, and other types of slang. Many were also making gestures to each other to symbolize a certain message to bring across. The majority of the topics discussed were about what information they would gather up as far as astronauts and what it would be like to be in a space shuttle.

Obviously, family complications would occur, like a child misbehaving and the mother correcting her child, some children were hungry and spoke of food, others ere expecting more out of the exhibit, and many spoke in different languages, some I could not understand. Some of the common verbiage were “that’s awesome”, “cool”, and “let’s go over here”. These phrases were to represent what they saw and thought was interesting. The age range varied from babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors.

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There was a bit of everything and the language used by the children and teens was definitely different than that of the adults and seniors. There were many groups of families that interacted with each other and there was always at least one child misbehaving more than the others. Many were there with friends and acted differently around them when with their parents. Everyone socialized very well with each other and had an open mind on what they would learn from the exhibit. So much excitement and joy was in this establishment.

From hands-on learning, to the different scenes of what and how astronauts worked and how space shuttles lifted off, to rides demonstrating what it feels like to be in a space shuttle. The place was fun and interesting but I did expect more from the exhibit. I did gain knowledge of what astronauts did and how the space shuttle works, but it was not as fun s I hoped it would be. Everyone had casual clothing on and each family or group had their type of style. There were India people that wore their dress-like clothing covering up everything but their hands and face.

Some went in summer clothes and others more bundled up due to the cold front. There were very few that had body art (tattoos), but I really did not pay much attention to what it was they had imprinted into their skin. Everyone has their unique style of what to wear and it is just based upon what the trend is for the year. Some do not even care of what the trend is and just wear what they like best. As we can see, children are somewhat different than those from centuries ago.

Language, communication, and presence of clothing is different in some ways. As teachers, we have to learn to adapt to the change of our students and expect to have many more to come. This will help us know at what level our students are, what is their culture to know if there is a special way of teaching them, what attracts those students in the ways to learn in the classroom using this experiment, and applying all of this knowledge to how we present our learning objectives and assignments to our future students.

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