Students Success Assignment

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Defining a student’s success has been attempted throughout the centuries by educators, parents, and students. With more and more focus placed on the success of a student, it has become an important topic to discuss. In an effort of having success for ones future, the following characteristics are important: Attendance, Preparation, and Participation. First, missing class and not having good attendance, valuable lecture information is missed by students.

It is important to have a good attendance record in order to promote knowledgeable students. Therefore, employers will look at a student’s attendance record in college to make hiring decisions. Good attendance is beneficial for a student’s future. Next, it is vital for a student to have sufficient preparation for his or her classes. Successful students take efficient notes that are understandable and well organized.

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Ask questions if there is some confusion while notes are being taking. Keep a good account of each assignment due, in order to hand in homework on a timely basis. By taking this step, it helps to maintain good grades. Furthermore, participation is a key step in being a successful student. Asking questions in class clarifies any infusion and helps strengthen the student’s knowledge. Also, talking to other students about the lecture will provide better understanding of the material.

By putting information into words and explaining it to other classmates will benefit all students. Again, participation is an important step to improve a student. In conclusion, being a successful student promotes a successful employee. Following these important steps will keep students on the right track in a successful career. It will stimulate critical thinkers, independent employees, and encourage more people to attend college to better their futures.

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