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Logging on to Laboratory Thin Terminals The workstations you will be using are thin terminals. After the power is turned on you will be presented with a menu with only one option available “LBS.” (see Example 1). Click on this option and you will be faced with a screen like the one in Example 2. Example 1 – Thin Terminal Start Screen Example 2 – Sample windows logon screen Enter your badger account code in the User name: field Enter your password in the Password: field. The Log on to: field should always have “CAMPUS” in it. After your account has been logged on you will see a desktop similar to Example 3.

This is a virtual desktop that will serve as the workspace while using a thin terminal. All of your applications will be available through this desktop. You may not save files to your desktop. Instead save files to your My Documents folder. You should use your my Documents folder for all of your document storage. This is where all of your data should be stored. No information should be saved on the or drives. Any data that is saved in improper locations will be erased on a regular basis by automated processes without warning. The only other safe location to save files is to a USB Key plugged into your terminal.

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The USB drive will be available as the drive letter. Once plugged in, the USB drive may take 30 seconds to be recognized. You can lock your workstation at any time by clicking on the following items: GastrointestinalњWindows SecurityњLock Computer 2 Example 3 – Sample Desktop 3 Logging on Through the Internet The first time you use a computer to access Faculty of Business Graduate Programs web page you will see the message as seen in Example 4 Example 4: – Client Installation Message The majority of the applications that you have access to in the laboratory are also available remotely through the Internet.

You must designate a workstation that you wish to use for this service and you will be given an access token (you won’t receive any notification of this) that grants you access to the system. The service will work over any type of Internet connection but a high-speed provider is recommended. You can access this page from a PC or a MAC. HTTPS://citric. Bus. Brocks. Ca This is the address that will open the logon page for remote access to your applications. Once the page is loaded you will see a screen like the one in Example 5. Enter your user credentials in the appropriate fields.

Click the Log In button at the bottom of the screen. You will now see a screen like the one in Example 6. From this screen you can pick applications to run on your local workstation. You may run as many copies of the applications as you wish with no effect on speed as the applications are running on the remote servers. A hint when working in this mode is to always leave at least one application running as long as you wish to continue working. Leaving one application open will stop the server from logging you off and then back on again making application load times much shorter. Example 5: – Web Logon Screen Example 6 – Application List While you are working in this mode you will have access to your local drives as well as you’re My Documents folder. This allows you to work on a file in the Laboratory and save it to your My Documents folder and then go home and continue working on the file without ever having to save it to removable media. If you have a slow Internet connection then you will find that you are better off working on graphic intensive projects in the Laboratory so that you can proceed at a normal working pace.

It is increasingly important that you save your work frequently when working over the Internet, as unexpected outages will cause your session to be lost along with any unsaved work. 5 Student Guide to Faculty Of Business Graduate programs Computer Systems Passwords f you have forgotten your password and need to change it, you can do so at any time by going to HTTPS://my. Brocks. Ca where you will see the link “Forgot your student password? “. As per University policy, you may not share your password with anybody else and you may not let others use a computer that you have logged on to.

Failure to comply with this policy will result in the suspension of your account. Printing Information The printer is located in the TATTY laboratory for use by students enrolled in FOB graduate courses. You will have access to this printer from the laboratory as well as through the internet. Please be conscientious of your print jobs, do not send a job to the printer and then walk away without verifying that your job has not jammed the print queue. If your print job has become stuck in the queue then follow these steps to clear it. 1 .

Double click printer icon in lower right corner of screen. This will bring up the printer dialog box (Example 8). 2. Right click on the job you want to clear and select cancel from the list of hoicks. 3. Try to print your document again. Example 8 – Printer Dialog Box Printing costs are $0. 045 a sheet. You will start with a 222-sheet credit and additional credit can be purchased from the Graduate Programs administrative assistant in TATTY. Printing credit is available in $5 increments only. Paper If there is no paper in the printer send email to fobtech@brocku. A and paper will be added to the printer. 6 Access to Labs and Computers In order to gain access to the laboratory and lounge you must enter two pieces of identification into the Graduate Student Information System Example 9) Example 9 – Graduate Student Information System You must enter: 1 . Your badger code in the section titled “CPU Accounts Agreement’ 2. The number from the back of your student card that begins and ends with A into the section titled “Swipe Access” (example A12347001234560A). Until you have entered this information, you will not have access to the facilities.

The address for Graduate Student Information System is: HTTPS://portal. Bus. Brocks. Ca 7 Problems If you are having problems with the use of the labs, please send an email with details of the problem, your badger code and your name to: fobtech@brocku. A 8 Graduate Programs Academic Computing Behavior 1 . The graduate programs Computer Lab is for the use of Brock Faculty and Students that are registered in the graduate programs. Others must receive permission from the Director of the program. Brock ID cards may be checked at anytime. Please have your card available. 2.

Any software that needs to be installed for any reason should be done only by the system administrator. A request should be submitted to the Director of the program who will determine the need for the software and if necessary contact the System Administrator to arrange installation. 3. Lab computers are intended to be used in pursuit of academic objectives. As such, it is not permissible to send, view or print messages or graphics that are sexually explicit or of a harassing nature using the equipment in this computer laboratory. In addition, no outside software, including games is permitted in the lab. . No unauthorized copying of proprietary software, publications or files. 5. You are required to oversee your terminal while you are logged in. Do not walk away from your terminal without logging out or locking your session. Any misconduct that occurs through your login is your responsibility. . It is required that each user read, and is aware of the Guide to Academic Computing Behavior (see reverse). 7. No vandalism. Do not write on or deface any part of the computers. Do not ruin mouse pads. 8. Quiet! This is a work area. Noise, computer sounds, and talking must be subdued. . Food or drink is not to be consumed around the computers. 10. This is your work area. You are responsible for keeping it clean. Cleaning supplies are available for you to clean your work area. Due to the secure nature of this room it is not on the regular cleaning schedule. A signed copy of the graduate programs Academic Computing Behavior Agreement form must be submitted to the program Director prior to account activation. By signing this form you are agreeing to the above statements and those listed in the Guide to Academic Computing Behavior.

Violating any of the listed policies will lead to an immediate suspension of your account. Any violation of these policies should be reported to the System Administrator for further action. These policies will be enforced. Failure to comply with them will result in a suspension of lab privileges. 9 A Guide to Academic Computing Behavior The purpose of these guidelines is to promote the ethical, considerate and expansible use of Brook’s computing facilities. In a community of users, one should not do anything ins that would place at risk these facilities, the network or its users.

The following points are of general nature and are not meant to be definitive. Clarification of individual concerns may be done through the use of readily available public documents such as, but not limited to, Brook’s Academic Misconduct Policy, the Criminal Code, the Libel and Slander Act of Canada and individual academic department policies. Brock could institute disciplinary or legal actions if there are infractions of such policies. 1. Computers in labs may be used only with authorization. 2. User codes for networked facilities are available to the Brock community and must be protected and not shared.

Users are expected to keep their password secret and secure. 3. Use of any facilities for business or financial gain is specifically prohibited, unless prior written approval is obtained from the Vice-President, Administration. 4. As Brook’s network facilities are connected to the Internet, usage of the network is governed by the acceptable use policies of connected networks and the laws of other countries. Users are urged to be sensitive and ware of other cultures and nations in their postings to the Internet. 5.

It should not be assumed that E-mail and other data is private as it traverses Brook’s internal network or the Internet. Users are urged to act accordingly. 6. Due to inevitable system upgrades or malfunctions, Brook’s system administrators may need to inspect user directories. If any data are required to remain private at all times, then the user must use encryption or removable storage media. 7. Any deliberate attempt to discover or alter other users’ passwords is expressly prohibited, as are any attempts to subvert yester security or operation of any of Brook’s computers or other networked computers. . Brook’s facilities may not be used for illegal purposes and it is expressly noted that copying copyrighted software and the execution of illegally copied software on Brook’s facilities is prohibited. 9. Harassment in any form is not allowed. Brock has specific policies regarding harassment, which will be enforced. 10. Any attempt to hide the identity of the sender/ originator of a message will be treated as a serious infraction. 1 1 . Any violation or attempted violations of these guidelines should be reported quickly to the lab supervisor or the appropriate system administrator for further action. 12.

Users will be required to acknowledge the content of this document. Further clarification of any points should be addressed to the Chair, Senate Committee on Computing and Communications policy, in care of the university Secretary. 10 Policy for Card Access to Labs Revision 01/03 Preamble It is important that adequate security is In place to protect Brook’s investment in hardware, and for those students working late hours. The department recognizes that a majority of students are responsible individuals. Extended access to laboratories in order to complete projects and assignments may be granted to these individuals, if necessary.

Magnetic Stripe Cards Magnetic stripes are integrated into student cards issued starting in the spring term of 1994. Student cards dated prior to spring 1994 will need to be replaced. There will be a charge of $20. 00 to replace lost cards, payable to Information Technology Services (ITS). There is no charge for replacements provided the student has his/her old card with them at the time of replacement. All cards are issued through Communications and Network Services in 25TH (not the Department of Accounting & Finance). Acquiring Off Hours Lab Access The student card will be used to access the labs.

Card access is available to all students registered in a graduate program course. Access is given on a term- by-term basis. The student should fill in the card access application form. The completed form is given to Shari Letch in TATTY. The department reserves the right to revoke lab access if departmental or university policies have been violated, or if a student poses a significant risk to the security and well being of the lab and fellow students. There are three termination dates: December 1, May 31 and August 31 of each year. Students who wish their access to continue past these dates should reapply on or before the said dates.

Responsibilities The intent of the card access system is to allow graduate program students 24 hour per day access to the laboratories. Students are required to swipe into the laboratory every time they wish to enter. If the door is already open then you are still required to swipe your card. It is recommended that you swipe your card when you leave the lab as well to record an exit time in the access logs. Once a student uses his/her card to access a laboratory, however, hat student accepts responsibility for the security of that laboratory and its contents.

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