Effects of Computer on Students Assignment

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Based on the website Scribed, a computer is a machine or an electronic device that as made to make our work much easier and much faster, like counting or computing. This accept, processes and give the output data through a software called program. In the present time, there’s more computer functions and it gives a big help in our everyday life. It is a technology that is used in doing different things related to calculation, creating program, and medium in manipulating new technologies or innovations. It is one of the in-demand machine nowadays. It is a multi-purpose machine that gives different importance.

Based on (Nag, 2008), There are so many pod and above all is the computers. For many, computer is a very important invention and it is a very big help for us. But not everyone know that behalf of the good effects of the computer it have many bad effects. The good effect first. The computer is a technology that gives us many information. For example, when we have projects or assignments for our study, computer makes us easier to get the information needed in this things. We won’t be experiencing hard time in searching things on books because the computer can give us the answer in just a click. Second, computer helps in making connections to our family or relative ho are away or in other countries.

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Computer also helps a lot in livelihood through the help of internet. Next is the bad effects of the computer. First is the problem that causes many teenagers. Many student can’t focus on their studies because of computer games. They become addict in playing games like Data, Need for Speed, and many online games. Second, not Just the time, but also the money which is being spent on things that’s not important instead of buying food or thing more important. Third is the effect that it may give to you due to overuse of computer, because of the long hours a manager stays in using computer it may result to headache, dizziness or much worse is the gradually blurring of a person’s eyesight.

Thoroughly technology develops fast. We should always remember that it doesn’t always bring good things. It can also be bad to us. We must use computer right and not abusive, so that it won’t bring bad effect to us. Most of the time a student fail their examinations because instead of studying they play video games or computer games. Computer games are too influential to teenagers. In the pie graph above, it shows that very few Filipinos do not know how to use Social Media Sites. In the record of the website Market Shares of Visits every time a person use the internet it uses the website Backbone the most, that has reached 1 billion users. It says in the website Rapper. Mom, the Philippines placed on the top 8 most Backbone user in the world and five Filipinos are using Backbone every minute. 30 million people are using the internet in the Philippines, based on the study, most internet user is a teenager or a student. (Yahoo-Nielsen Habits Study) You will see on the graph that the age 10-19 covers the half of the internet users in the Philippines. There are large contribution of the internet in the life of the student nowadays, like for example in making an assignment, you won’t be having a hard time it will show you the information you need for your assignment. Internet nowadays is not Just for important things it can also be a way of entertainment because of the real life graphics that used in the game making it so influential.

The graph shows that internet users mostly use internet in sending mail through email or getting data or information, they mostly use it on playing internet games or online games. Many teenagers or students nowadays are using the internet to get an information needed or a data instead of going to a library and looking for the right books, because of the internet research become much faster. There are many new ideas and knowledge you can gain through the internet nowadays. Many teenagers become famous through the help of the internet, for example the internet sensation much famous for the name “Random Karaoke Girl” where she sing at a mall and her talent has been discovered through a viral video on the internet of her singing.

There are so many good things that the internet give to the teenagers or students nowadays, but with this good things comes the bad things which has been so influential to the life of many teenagers, one example of a famous game nowadays which is called Defense of the Ancients or commonly known as “Data”, in this game 1-10 person can play this game on the same time where they can battle each other, and sometime they give bets on those who will win the game. This game sometime result to many fights because of the influential effect of the game. But Data is not the only one famous to the teenagers, there are still so many influential games like Dragnets, Arrogant, Cabal, Need for Speed, Torchlight II, Special Force and many ore.

In these games you can do things that are difficult or impossible to do in the real life, for example in playing Dragnets, teenagers in this game are unbelievable strong, they can kill a monster with their own abilities and powers, or in playing Need for Speed where you can have your own luxurious car and bring it to a race or in playing Special Force where you will take the role of being a soldier and fighting the enemies through, because of this many influential games students or teenagers can spend fifteen hours in front of the computer without leaving. The percentage of the student who don’t like to go to school and choose to be entertained by the virtual games is too alarming. Based on the study conducted by the Manila Bulletin a Filipino teenager or a student can spend IPPP a week in using the internet and it costs IPPP. 8 billion a year. Nowadays computer games are too viral, and wherever you look there are computer shops everywhere, especially near schools.

Just like every schools, there are some students in Cavity State University (Main) Who are addicted in playing computer games, because there are many computer shops near he university, because of this students can’t avoid going to computer shops. Often, computer shops are full with students when they have no classes, others are making research or getting information and data on the internet, while others are playing Data and other online or computer games. Often when playing games, most students tend to forget the time and skip classes which result in low grade or worse is failing grades. Chapter 3 Styles and ways of researching consists of different important parts to give it a strong background for further explanations.

The reason behind we chose to research about computer is because we are electing data’s in internet not Just because it is very easy and it is said that “IT IS THE ONLY RELIABLE SOURCE” for assigned tasks in researching and to Justify our documents about this research we are also using chart, graphs, etc. To measure if there is a decrease or increase in the people using computers. With this graph we can determine if there is high rate of persons using computer and internet at Indian for the usage of researching and we’re going to base with first studies about teenagers being “Addict” to online games. One of the techniques that we have done is interviewing someone that will be explained later on. If you ‘re going to compare it with the others ours will be more outstanding if the style is criteria which is based with the information’s that we have with different techniques which will lead to the same conclusion.

Respondent Not only men aging 16-23 years of age are the ones that were going to interview but even their loved ones may be considered to be interviewed for further discussion about effects of it to the teens. One example is we have invited a male online gamer we, we can even thoroughly understand why he became addicted to it if we can interview some of his closest friend family member or teachers. Instruments of Researching One of the instruments were going to use is the World Wide Web. Some says that it is one of the widest homes for information’s around the world and even about fields of human anatomy etc. Just like information about medicines and also about artist’s life. Fact or Opinion it is not a reliable factor to be considered for the final analysis. But if your good in choosing a website to find data’s it’s merely not a problem anymore.

Besides of being convenient it also includes scientific studies in the other countries that we can ‘t find in the libraries. The one that you’ve have all Just read did came room the World Wide Web to find a background for the information’s about our research. Second is about the libraries. It contains Journals Researches end books pertaining in the hobby of teenagers in being addicted to computer games. Based on what I have read it’s more effective to consult a specific material for further studies. And specific material includes like an Academic Journal because it contains a thoroughly discussions and a very clear information about what you are studying. Third is about interviewing.

We’re going to interview someone at CSV’s Indian commonly men at the age of 16-23 years old. All of their answers are now going to be part of the criteria for the conclusion of our research. And lastly is about having a survey. We’re also going to have a survey to know more about the thoughts of the others. We’re going to find out which part of the community.

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