Students and Part-time Jobs Assignment

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Students and part-time jobs Many students have different opinions about get part-time jobs and are wondering whether they should get part-time jobs or not. While some people think that part-time jobs will give them loads of benefit as students being, others see this as a burden and claim that doing a part-time will somehow do more harm than good. For whatever the opinions, I firmly believe part-time jobs are more advantageous in students’ life due to a number of reasons. First of all, part time job help students to early adapt the real society in their oracles.

Taking part-time jobs, students can acquire more experiences and gain their skills which are not provided in schools but which very important for their working life. By doing part-time jobs, students can learn many skills such as communication skill and time management skill through meeting various kinds of people and responding to many kinds of circumstances. Also, part-time jobs occupy time in a day, so students should plan to fit everything in a schedule. In addition, being part-time jobs workers enable students to be independent.

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For example, compared with two young people who just graduated high school, one of them have part time jobs in high school will be better to be self-dependent than the other one who was a newcomer to society. Because they learn the capabilities to handle any crisis, it will not make us in danger when they worked. Second, Part-time jobs help students contribute to their college expenses. It helps decrease the financial burden for students’ families. Students can have money to pay for their expenditure or satisfy their desire. Moreover, when they have to work to earn none for themselves, they know how difficult it is.

Thus, they learn the value of money. By this way, they will know how to use money in a more intelligent way. Third, having a part-time jobs give students a reference for future job opportunities. For this reason, students that can maintain a part-time job gain excellent first-hand experience that cannot be gained from the classroom. In today’s job force, employers do not always have time or the resources to train employees in great depth. As a result, experienced students applying for a job re more likely to be hired than someone who is not as experienced.

This is because students with experience on their resume show that they have already proven they can handle a job while balancing school and other activities. Some people argue that a part-time job may influence students’ academic performance. They believe that students have only a duty of studying in college; therefore, students who take part-time jobs may not have enough time left to do the assignments sometimes or feel tired to study. However, students can balance working with studying in order to not only

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