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Capturing moments in high school is important, but there are a few things wish would have known as a freshman. I would tell incoming freshman to make sure to attend every class every day, keep their grades up and do as much volunteering and extracurricular activities as possible. Yes there are tons of distractions to side track you from class, but your education should always come flirts.

Even when you think you have more important things to do o have to be your own motivation to push yourself to go to class. Not attending class will catch up to you in the long run. When you see them strict and have to do all of those hours of attendance appeals, you’ll know then that skipping with your so called friends was not worth it. When you have going to class with no problem down pact, there should be no reason you fail to turn in your work. While time In the classroom is important, work in the classroom is just as crucial.

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No matter what, you should turn in every ingle assignment given to you. Even when you don’t understand something you should at least do the work to show that you at least tried.. You may not get the best grade, but that you do get would obviously be better than receiving a zero. When you have the grades and attendance, you should challenge yourself to do some type of extra-curricular activities or even volunteer work. They would definitely look good on any resume that you make, whether it’s for collage or a job.

It’s always a valued thing to show that o participate in something that shows your character. You have to keep in mind, even though four years may seem like a large amount of time, it goes by extremely fast having you wonder where it all went. You could say ” Oh I’ll get to that later” or “I’ll finish that next year”, but that’s unnecessary procrastination , and to keep putting it off is a waist of time. Just remember, at the start of your high school career, in a blink of an eye, it will be the end of you high school career.

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