Is the Internet Important for Students? Assignment

Is the Internet Important for Students? Assignment Words: 524

Internet Is not really Important for elementary school students because they really don’t need to do research projects compared to middle school students and high school students. Elementary school students usually use the internet for games and sometimes educational games. Some students do projects with other classes in their grade and they want to communicate without distracting the class. Those students in the class could pair up and research together. Internet would also be very important to some If they are home schooled.

Some home schooled students depend on the internet because their classes are online. Internet for middle school students Is sometimes important and sometimes not important. It is sometimes important for diddle school students because they can research for a project with partners using Skippy or email. Sometimes the internet is not really important for middle school students is because they play games to kill time, cyber bully, cyber stalk and many other things that can cause trouble and waste their time.

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Most middle school students are probably wasting their time going on social networks as In Mainstream, Twitter, etc. Middle school students could also do very useful things on the internet as in watch documentaries for a certain class, check grades, communicate, and many more. Same with elementary school students, some middle school students don’t go to regular school so they do home school, which needs internet. High school students probably need the internet at most after college students.

Some high school students will make a good use of the Internet and some wont Some students will make a good use of the Internet because those students actually care about studying and they will actually use it on research, projects, communication between partners and many more. Some students use the internet irresponsibly by doing cyber bullying, cyber stalking and many same things as middle school students. Students are sometimes forgetful can use their School Loop or Infinite Campus to check their homework or grades.

Since all high schools do Stats students could also use an online SAT program. Same with elementary school and middle school students, high school students can also use the Internet for home school studying. College can make a very good use of the internet because most college students have to turn their homework in online. Most of the time the professors put the homework questions on a certain website for their students to go on and complete it. College students can research ND communicate with lab partners or professors if they need help.

Professors often post assignments online or email course work to students. Students who are help. For researches students can easily access online books and Journals. In conclusion, I think that certain grades don’t need access to internet as older grades. Elementary school students mostly play games and watch movies so they don’t really need it. Middle school students need it for projects and communication. High school students really need it for turning in homework, research and communication. College students really need it for homework and communication.

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