StrengthsQuest: A Self-Assessment Tool Assignment

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Assignment For this project you will be completing the Strengthens exercise and then compiling the information and findings comparing your personal strengths with your current Job. Completing the Assignment is a self-assessment tool that will provide you with valuable feedback on your strengths (you will use your findings for this assignment as well as for the INNING Professional Development Plan). Completing the Strengthens should take about 45 minutes to finish. Click on this link to visit the website: Strengtheners. 2010), Retrieved from HTTPS://www. Strengthens. Com/register/ fault. Asps Enter the Access Code assigned to you. This information will be posted under the Course Announcements on the Course Home page. Please refer to the Strengthens Quick Start Guide for directions on how to log into the site and complete the survey. Once you have begun the Survey, you may save your answers at any time and then return later to complete the survey. Your Strengthens findings do not have to be submitted separately from the following exercise.

List your strengths below and specifically explain how all strengths have been evident in your current practice. Follow instructions for completing the paragraph portion of the assignment. Note reminders related to PAP formatting, grammar and spelling. Please refer to your PAP manual and links to the Writing Center under your Student Resources tab. Please also note your PAP helps in Doc Sharing. When you have completed the assignment, please label and save your assignment as a Word@ document and post your assignment to your drop box on or before the assignment’s due date.

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He said he never understood how, but I was able to land in the most chaotic scene, immediately figure out who was in charge, and walk straight to the person who needed to by flown out. II. Strength: Relater This strength very accurately describes how I view relationships. It does not affect my practice as much as some of the others but definitely shapes my interpersonal relationships with my co-workers. I am always friendly with all of my co-workers but tend so only socialize with a few whom I form close relationships with.

Ill. Strength: Input I had to laugh at this one. It’s definitely a strength, and a fault, of mine! I collect many things but the manifestation in my current practice would have to be my work bag. It is packed full of resources. On any given day I am carrying at least 5 Journals, several reference books, and probably a 100 sheets of paper containing interesting things Vive printed out that Just might help me someday. IV. Strength : n Sell Assurance This strength has been immensely valuable to my current and past practice.

It has allowed me to function with confidence in high stress situations. It has been of most value during my time as a flight nurse. Many times I was faced with very complex situations that required split second decision making. Hesitation of self-doubt could cost a patient their life. Electively intimating a patient with facial burns too void a potential emergent surgical corroboratively is a decision I faced several times. V. Strength: Belief I have very strong beliefs about what is right and what is wrong.

Vive also been known to advocate strongly for patients. If I have a patient who I feel deserves more than they are receiving, I will speak up. Vive run into this most frequently with pain management issues. In the DE there are problems, but it was poor pain management in the ICC that has had the most potential to compromise the recovery of the patient. I have on several occasions taken my concerns of the chain of command to accomplish what I need to for my patients.

Now that you nave identified your strengths and now all strengths nave manumitted in your practice, please address the following in PAP paragraph format directly on this form: (1) Summary of Strengthens findings – This paragraph(s) will summarize your impression of results from your Strengthens activity; and, (2) Comparison of effective leadership values and Strengthens findings – In this paragraph(s), you will perform a comparison between your view of an effective leader ND those things that you learned in your Strengthens exercise.

Then, please discuss, based on this information, if you believe that you are a good match for your current Job. How does your view of an effective leader support the mission statement or vision statement of your organization? *Note: Separate paragraphs should reflect PAP formatting rules including: (1) correct indentation; (2) first level headings addressing required components (first level headings are defined on page 62 of your 6th edition PAP manual); (3) double spacing; ND, (4) correct grammar and punctuation. * Begin below: Summary of Strengthens findings I found the Strengthens summary very accurate.

When reading the descriptions of each trait, I could immediately see the behaviors in myself. I was surprised that a survey could be such an accurate Judge of my character. It was also quite refreshing to have my prominent personality traits described in such a positive manner. While self assurance is a strong point of mine in many situations, given the time for reflection, I am also quite adept at criticizing myself. Being able to see my resonantly described in the survey has given me a chance to feel more positive about who I am.

Comparison of effective leadership values and Strengthens findings I believe a great leader is one who will stand up for those that they lead, lead them in troubled times, and provide them with the resources they need to effectively do their Job. I do feel I have several strengths that make me an ideal leader. The most important being belief, my willingness to stand my ground for what is right. Next woo be sell assurance. I am able to withstand a Atari amount to criticism without any real effect on my resolve.

I have a great deal of confidence in my skills and decision making ability. I do believe I am a good fit for my current Job. The DE is a perfect environment for my personality. The mission statement of my employer is made up of multiple areas, but the primary focus is the transformation of healthcare to meet the changing needs of the community. There is a great deal of focus on creating a pool of mid level practitioners to take healthcare out of the hospital and into the community. My ability to work independently in a dynamic environment are exactly what will be needed in the future.

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