Individual Strength Assessment Assignment

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The Strength Based Leadership assessment was designed to help define the strength in order to place people In position where they can thrive based on their leadership strengths In the four domains of leadership strength such as Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking (Rata & Conchie, 2008). While reading the assignments for this unit, I developed ideas of what my strengths may be prior to taking the Strength Based Leadership assessment.

The assessment to determine my arsenal leadership strengths ended much as I suspected, and my five strengths are learner, individualizing, harmony, futuristic, focus. Learner Learner is described as an individual who weigh all the facts In which something occurred by using knowledge acquired from reading, classes, seminars or type of leadership strength apart from most. For the Learner, being left without the knowledge of a situation can be quite frustrating as this individual thrives on learning something new or gaining new skills in the current specialization field.

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Analyzing a topic or a situation is a great Job for the learner as this individual will pep researching until the answer is found (Rata & Conchie, 2008). As a Learner I enjoy reading, listening or hands on experience in my current occupation or a prospective career. The yearning for knowledge has been part of my life since I was in grade school. Reading has not always come easy for me, I did not learn to read until entering the fourth grade. Looking back as an adult, I believe I had an undiagnosed learning obstacle.

I realized with the correct lighting or the use of an overlay on bright white paper seemed to help the words stay on the page, and allow easier and better retention of the information. Individualizing According to the Strength Based Leadership assessment results, an individual with Individualizing as a strength, by nature easily identifies with what others are thinking and feeling. This is a true statement, and being an individualized helps this individual understand the other person’s hopes, fears, Joys, and sorrows.

Leaders with Individualizing strength have the welcoming ability to attract people from diverse backgrounds, education occupations, age groups or nationalities which makes this individual an asset in a group project setting. This type of leader will peak for those who cannot get the words out and will listen when the time comes to be quiet (Rata & Conchie, 2008). This type of strength was not a surprise to me because it is something I practice on a regular basis. This can be a positive as well as a negative.

Positive because things usually go pretty smoothly once people get to know me as a person and what my skill levels are. Negative because there are those who feel threatened by my strength, and that can cause some uneasiness. Working through these types of feelings is achievable with relationship building over time. I believe this is a strength used in my current career every day. Harmony Harmony leadership strength is described as an individual who has the knack of noticing the emotions that distort information, and emphasizes facts as a way of bringing clarity to the conversation.

This type of strength in an individual is driven by their talents and tends to finish whatever task they start (Rata & Conchie, 2008). This is a strength used every day in my current career, it is important to remain clearheaded in any situation especially when there is the potential for emotional issues. Facts and clear headiness are two very important characteristics a person can have when concentration is necessary. Futuristic Futuristic leadership strength have an instinct for making plans for the near future or long term goals to be achieved.

This type of strength leader looks toward the future as a way to make things better or to reach a goal. This is a strength used in my current career every day as each day differs from the last as we make progress to brighten every smile. Focus Individuals with focus leadership strength are driven by their talents and look forward to clearly defined goals. These individuals enjoy surrounding themselves by people who want to accomplish personal and or professional goals for themselves Rata & Conchie, 2008).

This is a strength used in my current career; helping people educator in oral health care. Conclusion In conclusion, based on my own self-image, I feel the leadership strengths were right on target. I would have to say I agree with the results of the strength based leadership assessment because I use the Learner, Individualizing, Harmony, Futuristic, and Focus strengths on a daily basis.

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