Facebook can be useful acedemic tool Assignment

Facebook can be useful acedemic tool Assignment Words: 278

Nowadays, student along the lines of Backbone. They will online to update their information through Backbone incessantly. Since technology is improving day by day, lecturer and student communicate through Backbone. For example , a policy page is created which name ‘Diploma in Business Student Help CAT’ and only Diploma In Business of student will be invited to Join thro group only. This page is for lecturer upload latest information or announcement or for student to ask question.

Files like assignment cover, PPTP application form or the new time table for student will be upload. People upload a lot of message about academic on Backbone too. They sharing info like hottest question in exam, way to study smart, study smart is better than study hard, way to create a good presentation slide show and so on. We can find many kind of message from Backbone and it is easy to find. Besides, lecturer also prefer to upload notes and tutorial on Backbone . First, lecturer doesn’t need to photocopy plenty of notes and tutorial paper to student.

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Second , student have opportunity to choose either read the notes through online or photocopy. Student also can read the note the day before class if notes is upload to Backbone. Student can create a group chat with friend to discuss assignment or tutorial. This help student to do without wasting time and easier for them because they can discuss anytime they want although at home. In between, Backbone is allow to upload photo, which can make student more understanding. As the result show, Backbone Is a useful academic tool If student use In proper way.

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