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At the conclusion of this course, students should be able to Name competitive strategies that organizations may pursue Identify and describe the major functions of a human resource management system Describe relationships among the major functions of an HRS system Explain how HRS supports other functional areas of an organization Stipulate HRS practices that support specific organizational strategies Business Department Objectives CABS objectives addressed in this course include oral and written communication skills, and critical and analytical thinking.

Learnt Eng Assessment Achievement of the above objectives will be assessed using homework assignments, class participation, written and oral presentation of case analyses. How I See My Role Also known as my philosophy of teaching I assume that you are actively seeking new information and skills (That’s why you’re in class, right? ) It is my job to create an environment where you can increase your understanding of ourselves and of the subject matter. I see my role as a teacher as a facilitator of your learning, not as a transmitter of content to you.

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I want you to develop confidence in your ability to think, and my goal is to help you by providing you with success experiences, not by overwhelming you with information. Learning can be viewed from the following two perspectives: Speed (Surface) Learning power (Deep) Learning Heavy workload Attention must be focused Excessive content Intrinsic involvement (more than “just” the grade) Little time for reflection Active involvement Little choice Interaction Stressful testing

Choice Focus on the “facts” Big picture/connections Disconnected/episodic Well-structured Additional Contrasts to Expect: Absolutes of right & wrong There are gray areas Opinions may be valid based on strength of argument Step by step procedures Messy, real-world examples Memorize the subject matter Learn materials/methods & apply them Argue irrigate the notes Analyze data & arrive at conclusion Objective tests Work judged for quality Criticism from person with expertise Lectures Discussions Learning from text & teacher Learning from peers My goal is to move increasingly towards creating a power, deep learning experience for you.

Classroom Environment This class will be a collaborative setting, where you can learn and participate by sharing your ideas and talents with each other. My goal is for us to create a safe, inclusive, respectful, caring learning environment. To help us toward that goal, I would like to suggest the following ground rules: No put downs Of others, even for comic relief. Respect the confidentiality of the group. Offer honest expressions and opinions. Speak from one’s own experience. For example, use “In my experience I have found ‘ rather than “Everyone does it this way. No hogging of the footlight by pushing personal agendas or idiosyncrasies (individuals violating this rule should not be hurt, surprised, or offended when their discussion is cut off. ) Listen carefully and attentively when others are speaking and/or presenting. Treat each other with respect. No blaming of others (or ourselves); rather than worrying about who is right or wrong, see what can be learned and then move on. Take responsibility for one’s own behavior and its consequences. Follow the golden rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Technology: A key to being respectful to the teacher and classmates is eying attention to what is going on in class and what others are saying. It is rude to play on your laptop, text, or listen to your pod during class. So, anyone who insists on using their cell phone, android, blackberry, pod, phone, pad, laptop, notebook, tablet, payable, notebook (and any other new electronic gadget which may be invented in the next 4 months or any other old tech oenology to which you may cling) will have their participation grade for that class period reduced.

When you come into the classroom, turn these devices off and put them away. This will avoid any misinterpretation four behaviors during class. Your Course Content Resources Text: Human Resource Management: Linking Strategy to Practice by Greg Stewart & Kenneth Brown, 3rd edition, Wiley, 2014. Harvard Business Cases including: 1 . Sonic Products Co. : Building a World-Class HRS Organization (A) abridged only 2. Recruitment of a Star 3. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. 4. Weave Tech: High Performance Change 5. Southfield Packaging 6.

Performance Management at Vitality Health Enterprises, Inc. 7. Hurrah’s Entertainment, Inc. : Rewarding Our People 8. Getable Airways: Starting from Scratch 9. People Express Airlines: Rise and Decline See Appendix A for information on purchasing these items directly from HOBS at a reduced student price (less than h what you could pay for a course pack through the bookstore). These instructions were also sent directly to your UP e-mail March 19, 2015. DEL site for the course: All assignments related to the course will be posted On DEL.

In addition, all assignments will be submitted through DEL. Any announcements relative to the course will also be posted there. HTTPS://up. Courses. Wisconsin. Due/did/home/2822755 Professor’s course web site: Text material may be supplemented with trials handed out in class or made available as files through the course web site: http://homepages. up. Due/cooker/. For some of the assignments it may help if you have your LAWS e-mail account activated. For example, your e-mail login and password are required to access electronic library resources from off campus. Lust all official e-mail communication from the instructor about the course will go to your CAP e-mail account. COUrse Requirements genuine learning is active, not passive. It involves the use of mind, not just the memory. It is a process of discovery, in which the student is the main gent, not the teacher. ” M. J. Adler Individual Work There will be 3 types of work that you will complete individually: Agendas, Harvard Case Briefs, and Participation. #1 Agendas (aka assignments) (20% of your grade) What are we going to do in class each day?

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