Sociology Field Assignment

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As you write these assignments, try to answer one important question: how does sociology help you to make sense of the phenomenon you have observed. The length of each paper is about 6-8 pages (double space, typed only). Before you do these assignments, please review chapter 1, chapter 2, and the writing guidelines of this class. Creativity and sociological insights are greatly valued in these assignments. Try to interview/observe people with diverse backgrounds. For example, do not Just interview people like you, the same age group, the same gender, the same ccupation, the same religion, the same ethnic group, etc.

You should interview/ observe different people in order to broaden your perspective. 2. For each paper, you should have an introductory paragraph that attracts readers’ attention, point out the main points and purpose of this paper, the importance or significance of the paper. 3. I suggest you write down the outline of the paper before you start a paper. List the major points you want to express, and organize these points in a logical format. A good paper requires clarity, organization, and coherence. 4.

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It usually helps the paper become more organized if the author inserts some subtitles for each major section or main points. It not only helps the author concentrate on the main points, but also helps readers understand the paper. 5. Generally speaking, each paragraph should express one major point. Unless with special reason, a paragraph should not be too short (less than two sentences) or too long (more than 15 sentences). 6. Grammar or spelling mistakes will result in point deductions. 7. You should have a conclusion that summarizes the major points of your paper. 8.

One way to improve your writing style is to read and follow a good example. This textbook can serve as an excellent example of writing. Imitate the style you see from this textbook. If you have any citation or quotation, follow the style you have observed from the textbook. It helps you improve your writing style. 9. Quality papers usually come from revision. Therefore, start your paper as early as possible, so you can have an opportunity to revise it. 10. After you finish your paper, you should have other persons read it to see whether everything is clear to the readers. Sociology Field Assignment By seriousnothin

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