Sociology: Theoretical Perspectives Assignment

Sociology: Theoretical Perspectives Assignment Words: 274

Theoretical perspective? Which one theoretical paradigm (perspective) best helps us examine the general topic of the elm and assist in understanding and explaining how the aboriginal residential educational system, implemented by the Canadian Government, attempted to destroy a culture? (Choose from: Conflict Theory or Structural Functionalism or Feminist Theory Symbolic Interactions) Don’t forget to explain why your chosen theoretical perspective fits best. 2. Course concepts ? Choose 3 – 4 concepts taught in class and apply them to the film.

For example, consider: Are there gendered assumptions/cultural differences/colonization agents/depictions f social inequality evident in what was presented in the film? What course concepts can be found in the film? (You can use any course concepts you feel fit with the film ? be sure to explain why/how the concept fits and include textbook citations to all course material). Don’t forget to explain (define) the concept (use in-text citations) and then explain how it applies to the film. More information There is a Power Point slide show on the Residential School systems in Canada and the U.

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S. A. This is posted under the Assignment (Content tab) on U-Learn. Any material from this source must be referenced and cited. These materials are supplementary, and therefore, optional. Citations ? When you use ideas from the textbook, lecture, or power-point, you must cite these. For example, in-text citations for the textbook as; (Author, Year: Page). Len- text citations for lectures as: (Inclemency, lecture date). Please include a “works cited” (bibliography) page which must include a reference to all materials you cite in your paper using PAP format.

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