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Reasoning Aptitude and Timeline GENII 05 25 July 2013 Christopher Robinson The goals that I have set to reach my career goals were first to find a college that fit my schedule. My second goal was that I needed to achieve a high grade point average while I was In school. My third goal was to obtain my Bachelor of Science In Business Management with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. My fourth goal was to find a Job within my degree plan. My fifth goal was to become a manager of a major logistics company.

Finding a College that fits my Schedule The specifics of my first goal were to locate a school that fit my schedule. I work a Job that requires me to be away from home for days to weeks at a time. I needed a school that was flexible and accessible even when I was away. I looked into several colleges but only one appealed to me, and it was the university of Phoenix. This goal was not difficult because I knew what I wanted in a college and it aligned with my values. Some short term goals that helped me achieve this goal was first to narrow down my hoicks to 5 online colleges.

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I went online and Just searched online colleges that had degrees in the field that I was looking to work. Another short term goal was to see which college was accessible away from home via phone or Pad because I traveled a lot and the use of internet to my laptop would be little to none. I accomplished this task on June 10th when I choose to attend the university of Phoenix. One step closer to obtain my ultimate career goal. Achieve a High Grade Point Average The specific of my second goal is to achieve a high grade point average. This is a acquirement because of the high number of college graduates within my career field. Eve spoken with multiple hiring managers in my career field that said when it comes to narrowing down a candidate for a position it can come down to the grade point average. This tells the hiring manager that this person took school serious and worked hard to maintain the grade that they received. This goal can be difficult 1 OFF Decease I nave not Eden In cocoons In over 12 years Ana nave never taken an online class before. I have one short term goals that I will need to achieve to reach this goal ND it will be to give myself enough time to study and complete my course work.

By not rushing and really learning the material I will be have the knowledge to maintain that higher grade point average and be that much closer to obtaining my ultimate career goal This goal needs to be achieve by the completion of my degree in 2017.. Complete my Bachelor Degree The specific of my third goal is to complete a Bachelor degree in Business Management with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. This goal is major to me because it has a concentration in the career field that I am currently working. I have the experience in my career field but cannot advance until I achieve my degree.

This goal will be difficult as well because it will take dedication from me to stay focused during this time of enrollment. One of the short term goals have already been accomplished for this goal. And that was to fugue out what to major in. I had to decide what was going to benefit my career the most. I did not want to waste time in completing a degree that I could not utilize. A second short term goal to help me achieve this goal will be to obtain my Associate of Arts degree. A third short term goal ill be to ensure that I study and make good grades.

This task will be completed with me setting and planning my schedule out. I will need to give myself time to study and complete my course work and assignments. The deadline for this goal is to graduate in 2017. This is detrimental to my success at obtaining my degree. Find a Job within my Degree The specific of my fourth goal is to find a Job within my Degree. I have the experience and with the help a degree I will be able to find a higher paying Job. The short term goals that I set to achieve this goal is first to get my resume together to where it is repressions and speaks volumes.

I know a lot of time that your resume is what gets you the interview. My second short term goal is utilize all the Job sites and Job fairs available to market myself and my skills. This will allow me to be seen by many employers and better my chances of being hired by a logistics company. With the Job market being the way it is now, this goal could be difficult. That’s why I must make sure that everything is right with my resume and especially how I interview. I don’t want to get passed up on a Job because I interview badly and I qualify for everything.

The deadline for this is immediately after I graduate. Become a Logistics Manager The specific of my fifth goal is to complete a manger of a major logistics company. This goal will not be difficult. Once I have reached all the above goals, I will have no problem moving up to get a logistics managers’ position. The first short term goal is to get hired. My second short term goal is to treat all employees the same and with respect. Keep happy workers and keep a happy work place. The second shirt term goal Is to ensure Tanat I AAA quality work .

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