Research of an Innovative Hardware Object Assignment

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After you create your object using your computer assisted software or CAD, he digital AD model is saved as a SST file and sent to the printer. Before you start printing anything you have to add a select amount of the material that you have decided to use (plaster, ballistic, polyurethane, polyester, epoxy, metal etc. ). Then the printer prints out your object on a bed and you’re finished. There is another method that you can use to AD print your desired object, this method is called fused deposition modeling or FED.

In this method molten polymer is sprayed onto a support layer and the object is built layer by layer until complete. What companies manufacture AD printers? The market for AD printers Is beginning to grow. There are many companies that specialize In producing and selling AD printers but for this assignment I’m going to focus on the following. Some of the companies that manufacture industrial AD printers are; Object Geometries founded in 1998, Z Corporation founded in 1994, Strategy founded in 1988, disesteems founded in 1986.

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Some of the companies that manufacture AD printers for home use are; Makeover Industries founded in 2009, Ultimate founded in 2011, and Potboil founded by disesteems. What are the models that are made by various companies? Models made by: Z Corporation: The Project 3510 SD produces high quality parts perfect for engineering and mechanical design applications. Strategy: The Forts mace system builds durable and accurate parts as large as 914 x 610 x mm.

It also has 11 different material options suitable for anything from bulging fixtures and factory tooling to end-use parts and even functional prototypes. disesteems: The Cube X Duo is one of the best and most popular desktop/personal ad printers with the ability to print and object as big as a basketball! Makeover: The Makeover Replicated ZOO is so advanced that you can create and print two objects at the same time. App and cloud enabled so you can connect with wife and USB with no problems at all. Ultimate: The ultimate 2 has the industry leading print to size ratio. It has the smallest footprint and highest build volume among all desktop AD printers. Also, it is an open filament system meaning that the cost of material is very low compared to other ad printers because you can use any filament you choose. Potboil: The Cube X has an advanced settings option that allows you to specialized and personalized the way you print In 8 different colors! Also, It Includes Its own printing software.

Strengths of this component Include: Cheap Manufacturing: AD printing is increasingly being used by large companies sun as converse or Ales to replace some AT tenet normal maturating meet This is achieved through lower shipping and packaging costs from overseas parts suppliers, less human work and cheaper and reliable materials. Quicker Production: The speed of AD printing compared to ordering parts from different suppliers all over the world is like comparing the speed of a turtle and the speed of a race car.

Why old you want to wait weeks or maybe months for parts to arrive when you could have the entire object built right in front of you in a couple of hours. Also if you don’t like the design you have created, you can Just start from scratch or mould your design into something different using the computer program used to print. New Shapes and Structures: Regular manufacturing methods rely on moulds and cutting technologies to make a limited number of shapes but AD printing changes this altogether. The AD printer’s spray tool can build an infinite number of complex figures limited only by human imagination.

Combinations of New Materials: Before AD printing, mixing different raw materials wasn’t possible due to their physical and chemical properties but people believe that ad printings potential has not been reached yet so many companies now offer tens of different materials with different finishes giving the look and feel of metal, ceramic or glass with different strengths and melting temperatures. Weaknesses of this component: AD printers use up a large amount of energy even when printing something the size of a necklace.

When melting plastic and other materials with heat or lasers, AD printers use up to 50-100 times more electrical energy that injection molding to make n item of the same weight and size meaning that when it comes to industrial AD printing, the time you save might not be worth the money your spending on electric or production fee’s. One of the materials mostly used in AD printing is plastic. Possibly the biggest environmental movements in recent history has been to reduce the use of plastics, the most popular and cheapest AD printers use plastic filament and wires to print objects.

If AD printing starts to become more industrialized then excess plastic from either print beds or scraped projects that weren’t used needs to e recyclable or biodegradable but until then, AD printing will become a wasteful way of creating parts or any objects. There are many things you can print with a AD printer for example; a toy for small children or a wheel for a bus or bicycle, the problem is you could also print out a gun or weapon of some sort and that could be illegal in the country that you created it.

The printer itself is not going to not allow you to print out a weapon because it doesn’t know the difference. There is also going to be an issue with printing out counterfeit products. To print an object, all you need s the software the model was created on and the actual file itself. You can also print out credit cards and I. Do’s as well as copies of other private belongings. How much does a AD printer cost? There are 3 main types of AD printers, these types include; personal, professional and industrial.

Personal AD printers are plainly and simply used for small projects that you can create such as, toys, miniature structures and tools. Professional AD printers are uses In large commercial Dulling Ana companies; teen use ten printers for parts that need to be made with specific detail because shipping from other entries around the world is too expensive. Industrial AD printers are used for creating objects and parts to be sold and manufactured to other large companies, usually for more value.

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