Graduate Study Challenges Assignment

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I will explain my personal and professional goals, reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, three challenges I face in meeting my goals, strategies I use to overcome these challenges, milestones that will mark my short-term goal and long-term goal, my strength and weakness to personal communication, and three strategies I will use to improve my communication skills. Personal and professional goals / Reasons for pursing graduate study I want to obtain a graduate degree to accomplish my long-term educational goal that I set for myself when I obtain my undergraduate degree.

I want to prove to myself that I can achieve this goal and that anything is possible. Obtaining my graduate degree will also teach my family on how to stay positive and focus and to never be afraid to chase after their dreams if they see me doing it. The career that I have working in the information technology field is a good rewarding career. I then find myself drained out from the hectic work schedule and not enjoying what I do. This is why I am pursing my masters’ degree so that I can move into a new career field; advance my employment opportunities, and financial status.

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I know a masters’ degree will help me succeed into a position with more leadership, and to provide for my family so that I can help them achieve their goals in the near future in any way that I am able. Short-term goal and Long-Term goal The short-term goal that I have set for myself is to continue working my fulfillment job until I finished my graduate study. My long-term goal is to be the best Health Care Administrator Informatics employee that I can be and re-locate my family to with an agreement that a new change is best and must be done to accomplish the goal to live out our dreams.

Three challenges I face in accomplishing my goals/Strategies to overcome it As I am on my Journey to obtain my masters’ degree I know that I have road bumps and curves ahead of me that is out of my control. Working a full-time Job, time management, and stress is the challenges. I have put strategies into place for myself that will allow me to achieve my goals. I have Journal that I complete each week to help me stay on track to complete my assignments because I do work a full-time Job. For, time management in my Journal I plan out the time in where I want to spend my ours with my family.

I make sure that I leave room to move around activities on another day so no one in my family gets upset if they are not met. To relieve stress I usually walk four days out of a week. I sometimes walk by myself or with family. It relaxes me and gives me time to think to myself on how to stay on target to accomplish goals. Milestones that will mark the achievement of my short and long- term goal The milestone that will make my achievement of my short-term goal is I must learn and become familiar with the new technology for the healthcare industry.

If willing I will complete my graduate study by the year 2018 to accomplish my short-term goal. For my long-term goal is that when I complete my graduate study is to obtain a career in the Health Informatics field and be the best employee I can be, and relocate my family to Atlanta, Georgia from Charlotte, North Carolina, to retire. Strength and weakness related to personal communication The weakness in personal communication is that I have a hard time remembering names and I know that is not a good thing. The people I meet will not feel they are important and I do not want them to feel that way.

The strength that I have is that I am a good listener. My friends enjoy my conversation because if she needs someone to vent she always call me up. She knows that I am Just there to listen and not give my opinion because sometimes that is what she wants someone Just to hear her out. I think this is very important in the communication skills is to learn how to listen. Three strategies I use to improve my communication The three strategies that I use to improve my communication skills is listening, numbering names, and not interrupting or talking over someone in a conversation.

I listen and pay close attention when other are speaking. When, I meet someone new I will repeat their name a couple of times so that I would not forget it. This will make them feel important the next time we meet and I remember their name. I do not interrupt or talk over someone in a conversation. I think this is very rude, especially if they are in the middle of telling a story, and they lose their train of thought because of the interruption.

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