Academic Honesty Assignment

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Using Axia’s Educational Resources The University of Phoenix makes online college convenient for students like me to achieve a respectable degree in a challenging occupation. The university has downloading files and audio tones that can be made portable for busy students like me. I can listen to details regarding a major assignment on my MP3 player while taking a morning walk. The University Library is where you can research important material and ask then ask a librarian a question if needed. There’s also a site where you can type a key word or name of the topic and varies articles will appear.

With this resources available you can keep up in your class and maintain an outstanding grade. All of the above makes it easier to learn and more interesting. It’s really convenient for a person like me, because it saves a trip to the library. I have everything to complete my assignment through the access of my lab top and resources are located my online website. Upholding Academic Honesty I definitely believe that the policy of academic honesty is relatively important, because there could be consequences involved if its not exercised.

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If someone take advantage of a writing I published, and plagiarized it as theirs I would press charges to the fullest exist of the law. I know for a fact that if you use someone’s writing there needs to be name and date of that passage for approval. The author doesn’t know about the doing, but at least you know that you are covering yourself from plagiarism. The Center for Writing Excellence has a plagiarism checker where you can submit your paper to help with you better site your assignment.

When sighting information and researching a topic it can help you earn good grade, because your instructor can see that you took the time and dedication to do the work the right way. Illustrating the proper techniques is a terrific example of showing academic honesty. Setting and Achieving Goals This class has really prepared me for my long-term and short-term goals. I have actually planned a scheduled to achieve some of these goals in a short period of time. I have a lot going on in my life, so I had to plan accurately to my life style.

I first just start by accomplishing the goal of passing all of my classes, and then try to get ahead in at least one class. This gets me the advantage to add another goal that I can begin without overdoing myself. One of my long-term goals is to graduating with an Associate degree, then maintain a demanding career a respectable field that I enjoy. The job that I have now really motivates me to finish school, because I unlike it with a passion. So, by setting and achieving goals one day it will allow me live comfortable life style and obtain a challenging career that will provide for a growing family. Managing Time Wisely

I start my week by making documentation of all the major grades for the week. I do this because I know for a fact that these assignments need to be complete, and the participation grade which I know I have problem with. So, at the beginning of the week I have to start the participation grade the same day as the discussion question. I have to juggle school, work, and family responsibilities on a timely mattered schedule, because if I don’t I will lose all the coordination that I worked some hard to organize. I really have no time to waste or then watch TV sometimes, so time is real factor in my life.

I really find myself wasting a lot of time stopping my homework to play with my baby, which I know its mandatory for me to do so. This really will decrease a large amount of stress on a individual by actually planning ahead. Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention Reading Comprehension has never been one of my favorite subjects, so I have to found ways to help me retain information that I’ve read. I have learned a lot of knowledge through the grammar exercises on some of the areas I linked learning in high school. I came across SQ3R in a writing assignment and it actually worked for me.

I scanned through the titles to have an idea of the passage that is given, I read the passage to see if the title matched the particular writing, I question myself what I have read, then I recite the information back to myself. This is how I know that I have actually retained the given information, because I’m able to review it later and understand it. You most remember guidelines of an assignment or important fact to a quiz or the outcome of this matter will lower your grade or case you to fail. Moreover, retention and reading comprehension enhance your knowledge and your understanding.

It also help you portray better reading techniques and that will help you succeed better in a learning environment in a group. Applying Personality and Learning Styles When taking college course online you have to interact with all types of people that’s alike and different in many ways. I have the type of personality that I can adapt to almost in situation or environment when it’s suitable and comfortable. With that being said, I’m I not bias person so that means I can be very understanding and that makes me open to all situations.

Being understanding makes it easier to interact with other individuals, because it helps everyone to help communicate. This is really needed in an environment where some people have a to feel comfortable to interact. My multiple intelligences is intrapersonal and that means I work great along. It is true in many ways, but this gives me the advantage to work while in given a presentation to an audience. By working well with myself and being the organized person that I am I can give a great presentation in a way that that my audience can better understand.

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