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I even commend those that go to work and do school all at the same time. That works very well for some people, but not quite for me especially online. I have to find what works for me. Career Goals I am in the mist of changing careers from the military to hopefully finding a job doing Transportation Logistics as a civilian. I believe it would be more beneficial to me to get certified rather than going a degree in this field. For instance, if had a bachelors degree in my career field would over qualify me most of the job offers they have posted. I will continue to pursue my associates degree, but most likely in a classroom setting than online.

My goal from there on out is to buy my time spent in the military, so that I can retire. In order to achieve this must get a federal equivalent job. I am looking to go anywhere to make this a dream a reality. Will travel to Europe, Asia, and even cross the border into Canada. I am just looking to one have a family, and a wife I can call my very own. Over all, I want to live by the Twelve Principles of Islam which are: knowledge, wisdom, understanding freedom, justice, equality. We will continue with: food clothing shelter, love, peace and peppiness. I have simple reasonable goals, nothing big.

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Time Management Techniques My success in college solely depends on me. Know that I can procrastinate a lot, but it’s not totally my fault. For me balancing work and school is very difficult. I rather do one or the other. Now with that being said, I have decided to put school on hold until I get of the army. It’s not like can’t manage my time. It’s just that at the end of the day what time do have left to manage. Get up at 4:30 am, and return home at ten o’clock at night. This is the reason why I have late assignments, and I had to pay for extra time on his class.

Us Mary In summary I have discussed my career goals, and time management problems. I think I have some realistic goals and I can accomplish them on my own terms. I really want these things for me, and know in order to get them I will have to separate myself from the military. I think it will help with my time management skill, and really bring down my stress level.

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