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Career research paper The career I’m interested in is Kindergarten because it gives an opportunity to help work with students and help prepare them for their future for next few years in school. In this career you’re also given opportunities to be a mentor for your students. It can be a rewarding Job but also their will be stressful moments. In order to be a Kindergarten teacher, there are certain requirements you need to meet. First you need to be a high school graduate, have attended college and earned a bachelor degree. A masters is optional, but some schools in certain states may ask for one.

A license is also a vital requirement you need in order to be eligible to teach. The acquisition of this license along with the completion of a teaching program must be accomplished before you will be allowed to teach on your own. Certain skills are also required in order to be qualified. For example, communication and creativity skills are crucial for a teacher to have when it is time to plan lessons for each student’s individual need(s). Instructional skill and patience are also important in rder to have the right qualifications for a teacher.

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The median wage for a kindergarten teacher is usually around $48,800. There are also benefits that can be earned by being successful with this career such as healthcare benefits, pension and time off. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, this Job has been growing in demand by 17% since 2010. A kindergarten teacher could live a moderate lifestyle based on their salary. A typical work schedule for a kindergarten teacher consist of working from Monday till Friday for the next ten months (September- June) nd then weekends and nights will be for planning lessons and grading papers and assignments.

Teachers are also given the summer off Just as the students. It is also optional if a teacher would like to teach summer classes. Being a kindergarten teacher does have its positives in the working field since after working a certain amount of years you are given tenure which is Job security. You are also given vacation which will allow you spend quality time if you have family. The only con I personally see in this career is making lessons plans.

I feel like they can be a handful and sometimes from what IVe seen throughout the years from my past teachers is that lessons plans for that day may not even happen. I feel like it can be overwhelming in my opinion. As IVe said in the beginning I feel interested about becoming a kindergarten teacher since I do feel I am qualified. I was given an opportunity to experience what a teacher experiences every day during my junior year in high school, I was able to write lesson plans and also given the chance to be able to teach students a whole lesson I planned.

My plan in order to achieve to the career is to finish my two years in Bergen Community College and then transfer to Montclair State University to earn either my bachelor or masters, in between school I will also try to work at a daycare in order to build experience and also keep building my portfolio that I have been working on since my Junior year in high school. Atter oolng tnls career paper I still Teel motlvatea to contlnue on tne patn to De a kindergarten teacher.

I know a lot of people don’t feel it’s an amazing career due to he pay but in my opinion it’s not about the money it’s the satisfaction of helping the students become successful in their future. Work cited Bureau of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers, on the Internet http://www. bls. gov/ooh/Education-Training-and-Library/Kindergarten-and- elementary-school-teachers. htm#tab-4 http://swz. salary. com/SalaryWizard/Teacher-Elementary-School-Salary-Details. aspx http://swz. salary. com/SalaryWizard/Teacher-Elementary-School-Job-Description. aspx

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