Midterm Career Assignment

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A career is a Job or profession that someone does for a long time. To me it has another meaning: a career is a Job or profession that you enjoy. You do not have to dread your day, but instead love what you do every day. The careers that I have thought about would be nursing and a pharmacist. The reason why I would choose nursing is because you have the chance to help people on a daily basis.

The reason why I would choose to be a pharmacist is because you can make a lot of money and still be in the medical field. During the Myers-Briggs test, I found out a lot of interesting things I never thought of before. I was taught that I am the color green, and it means to be cool, calm, and collected. I am all three of those, so it made a lot of since to me. It also taught me that you are a very organized person, so I agree with the test. I cannot stand for my room or work place to be a mess.

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To me, everything has to be in order for when I go to look for something so I know exactly where it is. I believe that becoming a nurse or a pharmacist I being green will be the best because it means I have strategy and ingenuity. While doing the assignment on the actprofile, I was taught that I am in the career path that I am suppose to be. The reason being is because it said I would be in medical science. Medical science and nursing goes hand in hand because anything in the nursing field you are able to help people.

I am strong willed about becoming a nurse because I have seen how cruel some of them were to my grandma. It made me open my eyes and realize that I could be a positive influence on the patient’s life and make a difference. The things I like about skill assessment is that it says that I am a problem solver hen things are tough and that I use my thinking externally to organize my life and work. I do not dislike any of the things that the assignment says that I am.

I think my strengths are being realistic, logical and clear. Then again, my weakness is being decisive. Although most of the time I know what I want, there is still many times I am very uncertain if I am making the right decision and always wondering if it will be a mistake. The courses that I would have to take to prepare for the nursing field would be the basics which would be composition one and two, college algebra, and computers. The most important ones would be the sciences.

I need four hours of general chemistry, twelve hours of biology, and four hours of Microbiology with lab. There are more sciences than anything else. To be successful I plan on doing my best in school, and by that I mean having at least a 3. 0 GPA and having B’s or better. I plan on studying hard and not being a procrastinator. I believe by giving my all in whatever I do I will succeed. In conclusion, from the information above, it’s easy to see my chosen career path, which is between a registered nurse and a pharmacist.

The one that I am mainly leaning towards would be the nursing degree and then eventually going back to school to become a pharmacist. I am going to work towards my career by never giving up, hard work and determination. If I follow my plans, I will succeed. Reference List Williams, Lippicottin. Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Boston: n. p. , 2011. Print. Roberts, Jan. AJn. [S. l. ]: Elsevier Health Sciences, 1997. Print. Odom-Forren, Jan, and Cecil B. Drain. Drain’s Perianesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach. N. p. : n. p. , n. d. Print.

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