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When last we checked in, China was a thriving manufacturing power about to be overtaken by Europe but still heavily involved in Importer of silver from the Spanish Empire. Europeans had to use especially as an because they didn’t really produce anything else the Chinese wanted. 2. But then Europeans, especially the British, found something that the Chinese would buy: the sass British free trade policy unleashed a flood of opium In China, which threatened China’s . 4.

Commissioner Len Zees drafted a response that contained a memorable threat to cut off trade In “Rhubarb, all valuable products of ours, without which foreigners could not live. ” 5. So the Chinese made Like confiscating a bunch of British opium and chucking It Into the . 6. The Treaty of Nanjing, stated that Britain got Hong Kong and five other treaty ports, as well as the equivalent of sovereignty to European ” in cash. Also, the Chinese basically gave up all ” wherein Europeans were subject to their laws, not Chinese laws. 7.

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You might think the result of this war would e a shift in the in Britain’s favor, but that wasn’t immediately the case. 8. In fact, the British were importing so much from China that the trade deficit actually more than $30 billion. 9. But eventually, after another war (and one of the most destructive civil rebellions in Chinese and possibly world history, the Tapping Rebellion) the situation was Europeans, especially the British became the dominant and in China. 10. Europeans had been involved in Africa since the 16th century when the Portuguese used their to take control of cities on coasts to set up their.

But in the second half of the 19th century, Europe suddenly and spectacularly succeeded at basically all of Africa. 12. The biggest reason that Europeans were able to extend their grasp over so much of the world was the same reason they wanted to do so in the first place: . 13. Played its part, of course: But It was mostly about controlling the means of production. 14. Europeans wanted colonies to secure sources of raw materials, especially copper, and rubber, that were used to fuel their growing Industrial economies. 15. And In addition to roving the motive for the means. 6. First, European Industrialization also provided made It possible for Europeans to travel Inland bringing supplies and personnel Vela Africans navigable rivers.

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