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Even though, my sister is no longer here I am still striving to achieve my education. I learned at an early age the importance of an education. My goal is to instill in my daughter the importance of an education. Microsystems My support came from my sister and this allowed me to go beyond the crying. I can remember in elementary school, I would cry all the time, because I didn’t like going. As a child growing up school was one of my less favorite places. I was a spoiled child by my father, therefore the only person I wanted to be with was him. I did not understand how important school was back then.

It was so hard for me to adjust to other children at my school. I did not think about how staying home would affect my learning. Of course, my father tried to persuade me to go to school, but it still took time for me to realize how important getting my education. My father brought me hamburgers and all the food I love eating. One day when I got home from school, my father had a surprise waiting on me. I was so excited, when I went in my room there was a brand new television. I hug my father and kiss him for my present. I knew my father wanted me to start going to school every day.

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I started going to school, but I still had my crying days. I did not miss school as often because, I was finally growing up. Also, I wanted to make my father proud of me for going to school. I can reflect on what I learned that family plays an important role. According to the theory of (Frontbencher 2004) psychologists need to look at family, culture, community and the influences of the era in which people live in order to understand the circumstances surrounding individual growth. Microsystems When I enter middle school, I thought to myself that my teenage years are here.

I was no longer nervous anymore and the crying was Eng gone. The stress of going to school and engaging with friends was gone. I was ready to meet new people and interact with my old friends from elementary school. I learned from the Microsystems about interaction between groups within the Microsystems (Mossier, 2013, p. 61). My teachers supported me and helped me throughout my middle school year. I learned good study habits and staying focus in class helped a lot. I learned how to organize my subjects in my notebook. I learned that staying organize with all my class assignments helped me to get good grades.

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