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This is the core focus for me being a project manager at Australian national college (NC) and this is what I will be working on so as to ensure that I come up with fruitful and smart ideas that are not only smart and efficient but at the same time helps the administration by providing them with accurate reports through the robust report generating system or tools that will be adopting.

In addition, I will be bearing the fact of echo friendly era, where the organizations globally are keener on saving the environment from pollution and in every possible manner. Therefore, being a responsible member of a beatable college I will ensure that NC is not behind when it comes to sustainable practices such as paper consumption. Objectives: The key objectives of this entire process are: To ensure that data duplication can be avoided through smart filing systems.

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To ensure that data can be saved and avoid data loss To design a data storage and processing system that is environment friendly To improve the level of efficiency through smart report generating systems. When it comes to stakeholders I think the situation is quite obvious as to me everyone related to NC is going to be the stakeholder, I. . Be it students, teachers, admit team and the suppliers. I would like to discuss this further by explaining it in further detail.

When I mentioned students, by that I meant that students are also stakeholders because they do get assignments, reports (academic progress reports), fee arrears reminders, confirmation of fee payments in the form of manual receipts, manual updates on upcoming events that may take place in the institution. Teachers are also stakeholders because they have to design manual lecture notes, they may have to hand over the regress of a student to the concerned student plus updates on the way classes are being scheduled for every week.

Admit team is one of the key stakeholders as they are the ones who have to monitor the overall performance of the college from financial aspects, performance from teaching and learning aspects and from the aspect of goals that were being set and those that were being achieved out of the set goals. Manual reports may not at all help in this situation as redundant or incorrect data may be posted in front of hem and the result could be false measures and steps which may not help the cause and the graph of the college instead of going upwards may start to fall which is the last thing NC would want.

Action Plan: Priority Action Responsible Timeshare Requirement Requirement analysis of the new administrative system Project Manager 27 Days Proposal Proposal of the new administrative system including the problem analysis and plan Project Manager/ Planning Manager 1 5 Days Approval Approving of the new system from the Senior management in order to initiate the construction of it Senior Manager/Director 3 Days

Tender Tendering out the system for the suppliers and developers to get the required specifications and mode of development HER Manager Selection Criteria Looking out for best appealing and suitable suppliers, tools and the financial quotes required for the new system HER Manager/Team Leader 29 Days Supplier Choosing and allocating suppliers for fulfilling the needs of the new system Team Leader 7 Days Testing Testing of the newly made system before actually implementing IT Developers Team Implementation Officially implementing the new administration system on the premises IT developer team/Team leader 5 Days Training Giving adequate and complete training to staff about the new system Project Manager 20 Days Monitoring/Maintenance Monitoring the new system after a specific period to check for any issues and performing maintenance respectively IT Manager 12 Days Selection criteria: It is crucial for any organization to ensure that the selection criteria are such that it does not have a single loophole which may result in selecting the wrong suppliers or distributors.

I will have to ensure that the selection criteria meets the set standards of NC and that I do to make mistakes as a responsible project manager which may get NC into further trouble. Each and every supplier will be interviewed and the issue will be discussed with them to see what the solutions they can provide us with are, I will be also focusing mainly on the back up and response time which they may have to offer to us. If the response time to any bug or error in the database is efficient and the back tools that they are providing are economical and user friendly then I will definitely go for them. Request for quotation: Shine Hollies 122 Franklin Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3001 Dear Mr..

Hollies The rationale of this letter is to request quotes, technical specifications, as well as other relevant information from your corporation regarding the following products: 1) Computer Systems (Desktop), 2) Networking devices and solutions, 3) Projectors, 4) printers, 5) Internet/leanest connectivity solutions, 6) Staff training (Initial) If there are any special offers or opportunities to attain the above mentioned items at bargain rates, please be sure to incorporate this information with your reply. Please e-mail your information as soon as possible to by 6th June 2014. Should you have any queries or concerns with this letter, please contact me at +61404090050. Thank you for your help. Cordially, Australian National College (NC). Training: Training staff is not an easy task, especially when there is a new system set in place and the staff has to be trained to perform smoothly with new system. However, as it can be seen in the request for quotation in the letter above that I have asked for the initial training as well.

The reason behind that is that in the modern world most of the vendors and suppliers try to go extra mile when it comes to deliver quality goods and services and this is where they offer free training or training at minimal cost. So the idea is to provide staff member with initial training through the vendors. And for detail training I will be appointing team leader from the staff members and those team leaders would be the staff members who have got good computers knowledge so that they can be trained easily to the fullest and professional levels. Once they are trained then they will be given with the task to train the staff members to certain levels so that they can adjust with the new system as soon as they can without any problems. Communication: The idea is to save maximum resources but not at the cost of bringing the performance levels down.

And this is why I have been chosen for this huge task so I will not be letting the admit team down and the communication channel that I have decided to look for is through emails. I won’t be engaging resources in the form or wasting time on phone calls or engaging the staff members to call vendors or appliers for every minor or major issue. A centralized email address will be provided to all the staff members who will allow them to post their complaints or issues with the new system. That email will be forwarded to the vendors as well so that if it is something at their end we can get prompt response without wasting any time as time is also one of the key resource that must be save to introduce efficiency.

Emailing will also enable me to put a brake on the heavy paper consumption which is one of the key causes of concern for the management team of NC. Implementation: It will not be an abrupt process where the staff members see a whole new system the next day they appear in the office and a system to which they were aliens. The implementation will be done professional in the right manner by corresponding with the high standards set by the institution in each and every department. What I would do is that the implementation will be done in two phases. Initially it will be done on test basis and the senior staff members who are trained on this new system will be given the task of transferring all the information and records that are available manually to the computer systems.

And the staff members will be informed to provide each and every paper and invoice/bills so that the system can be updated from the word go and data loss can be avoided. Following these stages once the data has been updated and shifted, backups will be made and staff members will be trained in groups. The lower staff will be provided with limited rights, for example they will only be able to add new data, for deletion or editing of existing data or for printing a record they will have to contact the team leaders or senior staff members. This will enable the management to ensure that the database is not manipulated and in case if such thing even takes place data backups can be run to restore the data as soon as possible.

In simple words the implementation will be done in a professional manner once it has been observed and ensure that the staff members are fully trained and are now fully equipped with the skills to operate the newly installed system efficiently and professionally. Risk Analysis Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation Requirements are not clearly understood and documented. Rarely Insignificant All constituencies of users and other stakeholders are identified. Users are involved throughout the entire project from initial requirements through implementation. Project Manager Data manually populated into new system is incomplete, inaccurate or invalid. Likely Minor Potential sources for data to be input are identified and carefully evaluated. Adequate plans and resources are established for entry and verification of the data.

Database Officer Unauthorized or erroneous additions, modifications or deletions degrade the integrity of master data Likely Major Roles and responsibilities for master file maintenance are clearly defined, documented and communicated. Procedures for requesting, approving and modifying master data are clearly defined, documented and communicated. IT manager Unauthorized user gains access to the system. Certain Each user has a unique user IDs. There is no use of shared / generic / default / guest accounts. Passwords are adequately complex (6 characters, combination of alpha lower / upper case, numeric and special characters). Password changes are forced periodically (e. G. , quarterly). Maintenance officer System Crash

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