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Style Assignment Using my Learning Styles Profile to Succeed, I am content with the results I received, as it seems to be a reflection of myself. The two highest scores derived from abstract conceptualization, someone who likes to think; and active experimentation, someone who enjoys hands-on activities by testing the ideas to see what works. Ever since I was little, I have always been told that I am a “hands-on” person; I would often spend my summers with my older brother experimenting science.

Some of my strengths I have learnt to value are as follows: my leadership skills; my ability to make decisions and solve problems; being organized; and risk taking. The listed characteristics fall right under mode 3, and mode 4. On the other hand, some of my weaknesses include being distracted too easily, especially with electronics, and punctuality, as per handing this assignment late. I also enjoy making huge goals; however, fail to make strive on it due to lack of motivation. I have learned to understand that there are two types of individuals in this world – dreams, and realists.

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Throughout my life, I have learned that I am part of the latter group. I am more cynical, and don not let my imaginations get out of control. I often wonder about how things are completed rather than why. I enjoy analyzing ideas and evaluating them without having my emotions interfere with the decision making. I am an emotionally stable person, which indicated that I have more off logical personality. Prior to reacting to any situations, whether it’s learning, or a conflict, I tend to reason things out quickly in my head.

The listed examples further illustrate my abstract conceptualizing personality. On the contrast, I have been told that I am emotionally unavailable, lack reactions, quite rational person and do not make any irrational decisions. The qualities listed above fall under concrete experience, learning through feelings, which I scored the least amount of points. Mode 1 and 2, which focuses on why and what, includes strengths such as understanding people, brainstorming, planning, and creating models. Such qualities will help individuals in mode 3 and 4 who lacks motivation to achieve goals.

Having attachment to tasks will make them easier to understand, thus creating a greater bond. Reflective observation is a great quality to have as it helps individuals to learn better by comprehending the environment rather than focusing on Just one aspect of it. My learning styles have brought me success so far in my young life; that being said, there are various aspects in my life I need to look to succeed in. To be the best, I have got to beat the best. The best have learning styles that is a combination of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

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