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(upward and downward communication problem) The safety memo case proved that The Cable Company has problems with communication between managers and employees at every level of hierarchy at the company. There is not a clear direction given for what Job duties are performed by whom. If important information is needed to be given, there is no set protocol on how to do so or who to report to. There is no chain of command identifiable and thus creates confusion on how processes should be done. One of the main priorities a company should have do is to identify who you are and what you do for the company exactly.

After that is established, then you are able to see what your goal is to achieve at the company. But we regret to inform you that The Cable Company has little to no communication within their business and needs better channels of reporting and contact with each other. How can managers implement more upward and downward communication between employees and staff to make ideas and directions come across more efficiently? To define upward and downward communication, this means that information that is given can be understood by anyone and has been received by the intended parties.

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This also means that the information that is given is in a professional manner and does not negatively reflect anyone or pass blame, and states only real and truthful facts and events. For this case, The Safety Memo, was sent out to everyone In the office and was intended to be informative and for good use to help the company. But In the process of sending out these Ideas as a memo to everyone was not the correct way of informing. The employee did not know how to portray the Ideas across and did what they thought was best since no other Instruction was given on how to do so otherwise.

Clear directions are essential and need to be given or else there Is no order or structure to the business. There was no chain of command and no instruction on how to report happenings or observations that were on the Job. The employee In this case was hired for one Job, being a field technician, but ended up being ask to help and be assigned to another Job. To be a safety advisor was their new task and title and to lad and help make the Job safer. But without any clear direction or Job description, they were not able to perform the duties presented and as basically the Intermediary with knowledge and nothing to do with It.

They were also told to help make any corrections If they could, but at no cost. In other words, If It Is free advice It Is k, but If you have to spend any money, do not do anything about It. That In Itself Is not safe or good Instruction for any company to deliver. Since they were using Information and protocols from a previous Job, they Just performed what they knew how to do. They saw that a lot of the assignments were executed poorly and were very dangerous practices being performed. No one should put their life at risk to complete an appointment for any services. Solutions) One of the mall solutions for the communication problems for The Cable Company Is to have a better organizational structure. It needs to be Implemented so you are able to dullness’s who Is In what role In the company and who to ask or report to If needed. From the textbook, The Basics, Business Communication, by seems that they are trying to have the pyramid structure, but it does not do a good job in distinguishing who does what role. If they want to keep this type of structure hey need to make sure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do.

Also, I believe that this company seems to have a Theory X mentality, meaning that the employers believe that all workers hate work and need to strike fear and anger to make anything happen. This in itself makes the work environment not inviting or encouraging for people to communicate or be forthcoming if something does happen. Another possible solution to implement is to have more meetings or events to possibly set up for people to actually meet each other face to face and know who everyone is in the company and to not be so separate. It is better for companies to break down barriers of many kinds.

Not matter what your race, age, ethnicity to department you are, it should be known that not matter at what level in the company you are, you should all be the same. This will help better for communication for both the professional and personal types and to make more connections with each other. Someone might have an idea that you didn’t or vise versa. It does greatly help the company to be together rather than apart. There are many other factors that contribute into the dysfunction of this work environment, but these were only Just a few of the points dealing with upward and downward communication.

The Cable Company as a whole needs to get together and meet face to face to see what ideas can be achieved and how they can better communicate with each other from every level at the company. No matter if you are the CEO, or the field technician, everyone in the company should be able to speak their mind and say something and know how to say it and to whom. No one should feel like they are trapped in their own Job and gets penalized for doing what they are told to do.

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